The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



What a cutie she sounds so fierce!!


Yeah, Is really cool the princess and princes we all have made for this games a good fan fiction could be Imagine all of them ended up together in a alternative dimension trying to return their own realities… Imagine the fights about How is the best mate for Vespi lol … My Vespi is better than yours Banter. :wink: @idonotlikeusernames prince and Mara would have a great chat about clothing and even organize a Male fashion show lol


that’d be chaotic. Eraven would probably burst a vein he’s so angry lol


I’m just gonna leave this here for you guys…


That’s it.
You just killing me.

And I’m fine with that! More, please! :heart_eyes:


Fawkes I can’t believe this. How could you do this to me I’m squealing and grinning like a maniac in the middle of school, and i dont think I’m stopping anytime soon. You do not understand how estatic this makes me!!! This is exactly how I pictured their romance and Rhymiah acting on Methina o h h my g o d d. I am irrevocably in love with Atheron, sorry literally every other love interest you guys are now in a distant tenth-Jesus Christ. Oh my god i want to print this and get it framed on my wall.


Normally I’d apologize for spamming but right now I’m riding such a high i do not care. You are such an amazing author i want to kick my legs out and bury my face in a pillow, I’m so glad i had gym before this, because I can blame my pink cheeks and the smile i cannot wipe off my face on the hit interval work out I did. Them!!! Talking until the sun is up on their wedding night about everything!!! Tending the garden herself!! Befriending all of the people!!! Crying when they left Methina!! The princess trying to reassure him-its like you plucked my wildest fantasies out of my head and put them in such beautiful prose I’m gonna faint. This is possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever read before honestly. I need to pick out a nice frame for it or find some silk ribbons to bind it with because its. Going. On. My. Bookshelf. Move over Harry Potter books I’ve had since the fourth grade.


@Fawkes First you have a really good flow and a great atmosphere skills. Certainly Atherion is not for me, as that romance will be most boring for Mara That see paint dry. Would he fall for a princess Like Mara Dark and ruthless? Could that princess fake being in love to use him against daddy?


Nooo no no don’t you dare Mara >:(((


He will be okay in your universe lol. Itis notmy fault he could make so good pawn. AndI will be forced to Marry so all Is dad fault


That was excellent @Fawkes!


Welllll ur marrying Vesperion so you aren’t even gonna be forced to cause Fawkes says he talks to the king!! And it doesn’t matter if Rhymiah’s universe’s Atheron is happily married because I care about all of them >:((( lol.



m y   h e a r t
my loins…


Omg this is perfect!


Well I think When all this ends I will have 90% of npcs dead or exile. So … You will be furious against Mara :wink: I asked Fawkes If Mara will be able to be with Vespi while fake romance other and Say a big maybe… So maybe I will marry Athe using him while being with Vespi who knows… If so Athe would have a short life


I like how I see @impeccably-stressed starting to type…Fawkes’ wonderful story is drawing all the Atheron lovers like moths to a flame-for good reason too, I keep rereading it gosh


Ur so mean lol i cant believe it :wink:


Oh look Is so well written…
But same time soooo sugaryyyyy that I can’t stop laughing about how puppy the guy is lol (Fawkes is a great writer)


Well I think it’s sweet snooty look He cares about the MC and that’s the most important thing.
Wouldn’t think its too sacchirine if it was ur Vespi, now, would you :wink:


If Vespi were so sugaryyy Mara would laugh in his face hours before drag him to bed for a punishment for being so goody lol