The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



He sounds like a warrior! very cool!


Could I give you and advice in customize your character as a old table top player.?

I like Vladimir but in my humble opinion it needs a hobby something no one expects and show his inner personality. Mara for instance has music and poetry and her obsession with silk leather and collect daggers.

Maybe Vladimir Like star gazing or Playing chess or is a great dancer… Like you say he likes outdoors but is intelligent as well. And as Semryu says dancing is a lot like dueling


Good point. I may have him like to do sleight of hand magic tricks.


That’s cool good idea


awww how cute!



Here’s my Myteus prince

Prince Caradoc Dahlas. He has silvery blonde hair, violet eyes, and porcelain skin. He is happiest when surrounded by books, though he still knows his way around a sword. He is excellent at his studies, he absorbs knowledge like a sponge. Plans to go to the Temple of Myteus. 6’1 will be his adult height.

Familial relationships. Scared of his father and loves his mother no matter what. Gets along famously with Olarion. Decent relationships with Terrisen and Baelira. Due to his resemblance to their father, he is also scared of Neraven. He wants to try to get along with his oldest sisters. He gets along excellently with Kosphoren.

He’s quite good at playing chess.

His birthday is May 4 (or equivalent)

Not interested in the throne, but interested in playing the Game. And he’s above average at it due to mother’s tutelage.

Romantically he’s interested in women. He’d love if his wife was someone he could share his love of knowledge with.

Adult casting is Harry Lloyd.


Wow he sounds like a smart cookie!



Here’s the Myteus princess

Princess Aleksandra Dahlas. She has reddish gold hair and blue-grey eyes and pale skin. She loves being around books and loves riding on her horse. She rides better than most. She also loves watching people and figuring them out and why they do things. Very observant. Excellent at languages. 5’10 at adult height. Plans to sneak into Myteus’s temple with help from Kosphoren.

Familial Relations. Hates her father with a passion. Adores her mother, who teaches her how to play the Game. Gets along reasonably well with Olarion, Terrisen, and Baelira. Hates Neraven, strongly dislikes Keralith, and is neutral towards Ilythis. Gets along ok with Kosphoren.

Her birthday is January 1 (or equivalent)

Interested in men, wants someone who can keep up with both on horseback and in playing the Game.

She wants the throne (ticking off dear old dad is a perk).

Adult casting is Rachel Skarsten as she looked in Reign.


She sounds lovely! And I’ve always adored the name Alexandria, Alexandra, Aleksandra-all its variations lol.


It’s a favorite name of mine as well.

Wish I could see a drawing of some of my characters. I’m a good writer, but I can’t draw for the life of me @StarlitOpal.


:eyes: :eyes: well i might know someone-me. They probably wouldn’t be great but I do need to get more practice in haha.


Which character would be easiest for you @StarlitOpal?


honestly? might as well draw a big family style portrait of them together lol. I do need to stop drawing rhymiah so much and I want something to work on in conjunction with Rhymiah and Solana. In a seven heirs mood, apparently lol


I’d love to see what you do with them!


You don’t really want to know what I understand in that phrase at first lol. I really have a dirty mind XD


I think I can guess. :wink:


Okay, I want to join your conversation about MC and here’s mine. It’s not like anyone interested in this but well… :sweat_smile:
Princess Ilannah Dahlas. She has sunkissed skin, light blond hair and blue-turquoise eyes. Rebellious, stubborn as mule and hothead. She’s perfect with riding horses, fighting with swords and shooting arrows.
She has surprisingly beautiful singing voice. Not interested in playing the Game and in politic in general but loves warfare and all that stuff. She like to sneak off in disguise and sing in tavern. Locals called her Birdie (I reeeeeally wanted to take nickname " Nightingale ", but damn Leliana!)

She hate her father with furious passion. If she’ll has a chance to piss him off she’ll never miss it. Especially if she could prove everyone that she’s better then her older siblings - Neraven and two sisters.
She loves Olarion cuz he treats her well. She is wounded by her mother’s absence in her life and broken promises of Terrisen and Baelira to visit her. But Ilannah willing to give a chance to reunion with her siblings.
I think Nethica and Kaedra would be her besties. And she is even thinking over losing virginity with Nethica because she doesn’t believe that someone could fall in love with her (“I trust him. His experienced. It’s better be him then some father’s pawn.” © Princess Ilannah Dahlas)
Aaaand I have no idea who’s gonna be her RO. I’m torn between Atheron and Vesperion :weary:


I think bird (I will call her ruiseñor as nightingale in Spanish) Bird sounds like Sesame street lol. :wink: Is better with Arherion ashe is not interested in game, and Is a great warrior too so they would share bonds in battle it would be a romance more natural for her.

Vespi could bring glorious commedy and rivalmance but dunno Commander seems better for ruiseñor


In my language her nickname would be “Соловей”, even though “Пташка” sounds nice too in my opinion :thinking:
Edit: By the way “Nightingale” in your language sounds very nice!

Yeah, commander will be a good match for this type of MC.
But I’m weak for rivalmance too. :sweat_smile: I love intense characters and my princess and Vesperion had a lot in common. Just thinking about all this sexual tension got me very hyped! They both don’t want this feelings, they both good with swords and they both sarcastic as hell. This is gonna be fun to watch their helpless fury about their love :smirk:
I guess I’m gonna play with Ilannah minimum two times with both of RO even though for Vesperion I have another MC, more ambitious and interested in playing the Game and taking the throne (she’s definitely going to make king miserable by ruining Neraven’s life. And anyone who will try to stand in her way) :smirk:


:facepunch: I am totally with you In club Vespi kitty Rivalmance to the win. Mara won’t be a soldier but she is far and agile with all type of daggers. A musician and poet … Your ruiseñor is a singer so That could go with Vespi poetry