The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



I’d love to! @ everyone in this thread: don’t ask just send me your MCs!!!


Okay here is one of my mc Solana ( i’m pretty sure this is just me but meaningful name are really cool to me . I googled Vespirion name and it means “eveningstar” so i name this mc Solana meaning “sunshine” and i think it’s really cute)


Princess Solana: She is an extremely cute, sweet and compassionate person(her name literary means sunshine what did you expect). Solana has very long wavy golden blonde hair, fair skin and pink-ish purple eyes, she has a petite build and very short, standing at 5’3. She wasn’t timid at first but after Eraven tell her she was a mistake and Ysonia’s frequent absences she starts having serious self esteem issues and become very shy and soft spoken. She is kind to everyone but this kindness also often make her hold back her feelings out of consideration for others. She genuinely love Ysonia but try to distant herself from her because Solana believe she is the reason her mother is hated. Solana often come across as naive but she is extremely intelligent and can read people very well, she could also charm the hell out of people and doesn’t even know it. She is also very skilled at the hapsichord, writing and riding. She wish Eraven would accept her one day but will come to realize that she doesn’t need his acceptance to have worth. Straight. Her main romance is Vespirion because i think Solana empathic nature and cuteness with Vespi tsundere-ness they would an cute couple.


Oh god, you’re right-Rhymiah and Solana are like two peas in a pod. She sounds like such a sweetheart, and I love those “unintentionally charming as all hell” types. And aww their names parallel! That’s sweet as hell!
Rhymiah and Solana definetly compose music together and go out riding haha.


Cute princess united. Now I am sad here alone as the ruthless charming mean princess lol


Awww don’t worry! We love Mara :3c


My princess Celidra would get along with Mara, but not to much cause she doesn’t trust anybody, it would be more of a alliance than a friendship


Yeah i think Mara is pretty cool but i can’t for the life of me to play a ruthless mc. The most i can do is play a “jerk with a heart of gold” mc


Well due wear def princess verses and everyone has his her they own unique universe all we could be friends There is a Vespi Kitty for everyone lol :wink:


AndI find boring play the good romantic princess. Each has their own style and is funny reading the characters of the rest of fans. So In a way I play a good character through the eyes of yours and you a more ruthless through the eyes of Mara everyone wins


It’s probably good since my mc will probably marry him, just to kill him and have more power


Poor Vespi … Lol Then who you will romance?



Here’s my Tepharon build prince

Vladimir Dahlas. He has black hair, black eyes, and porcelain skin which will be tanned from the time he spends outdoors. He is decent at his studies, with some subjects being above average such as languages and history. But he’s even better at using his sword, which is a hand and a half sword. He chooses to go to Tepharon’s temple. He’ll stand at about 6’ 4 when he is full grown.

As for his familial relationships he hates his father, loves mom but still thinks she has some scheme in mind. Good relationship with Olarion, decent relationships with Terrisen and Baelira, and somewhat poor relationships with the older three. Also has a good relationship with his tutor.

He likes to do sleight of hand magic tricks. And has gotten pretty good at it too. Vlad started learning it as a way to relax.

His birthday is November 10th (or equivalent in universe)

Romantically he prefers women, especially women with brains to go with the beauty.

He wants the throne.

Adult casting is Luke Evans as in Dracula Untold.


Senetha if possible, I find it ironic since he’s all light and my mc is all darkness, maybe Kaedra love a spy and queen romance


I think there is darkness beneath the surface in Senetha


God I hope so


I know right ! If our mc could exist in the same universe they could probably kill everyone with kindness. If you don’t mind can i draw Rhymiah and Solana together ? (My art style is very anime so i’m not sure you would like it )



Here’s my warrior princess build, made some changes.

Princess Jaecera Dahlas. She has black hair, violet eyes, and bronze skin. She spends as much of her time outdoors as she can. She is decent at her studies, preferring geography and history. However her real talents lie with her bow and arrows. Cera hopes to sneak into the Tepharon temple on her 13th birthday with help from Olarion. She’ll stand at 5’8 and curvy when full grown.

Familial Relations: Cera doesn’t really care about her father one way or another. Loves mom, but suspects she has plans for her. Good relationships with Olarion and Terrisen(good enough that he will help her sneak into Tepharon’s temple in disguise) and a decent relationship with Baelira. The older three siblings she’ll have  slightly negative relationships with, the most positive being Neraven. Good relationship with Kosphoren.

Her birthday is April 15 (or equivalent)

She is interested in men, and hopes that whomever she marries will be a good man and will respect her skill with the bow.

Possibly interested in the throne.

Adult casting is Jaime Alexsander with blue eyes and darker skin tone. Warrior princess.


Would I mind? WOULD I MIND??? I WOULD LOVE THAT!!! I was gonna ask to draw Solana with Rhymiah too! Art trade haha :slight_smile:


Oh wow w! Cera sounds so great I love her!


What do you think of Vladimir?