The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



That’s true! That’s also what I do. Like, I’ll certainly be friendly to other characters but I don’t like having two romances ongoing. IT’s why I alternate between Ortega and Mortum during fallen hero instead of the love triangle (square? Who knows), although I’ll admit it veers more 95% Ortega and 5%. Mortum haha…what can I say I have a weakness for genuinely nice, good hearted characters.


Yeah, I could make other Maras different romance others. But my player heart is for that character forever. It is difficult for me feel attached to characters but when character achieve that is forever. I don’t care what happens I am loyal to death and protective. No one will touch a hair of my ro except want die in a ruthless rain of blood and poison


Fawkes is still deciding, for now he’s bi. but they asked us not to bring this discussion to the forum anymore


@flocktrops I completely understand! I’ll delete it :blush:


Basically, yeah! Like i could technically use Rhymiah to be politically astute and cruel but I just…can’t. and I appreciate your strong opinions on Vesperion lol


You will hear a lot about Me and Vespi kitty lol. And poetry silk and daggers. And panthers


You’re missing the leather couch or mahogany table where the passion will be consumed (sorry)


Floor and wall are better and leather… We could say Mara is a good mistress if you get my meaning (not sorry :wink: )


Oh wow haha are we gonna need a NSFW thread for this game?


No of course not. Don’t remember me the shock I had with that thread lol. This is a friendly innuendo game with fade to black like Disney :wink:


If you don’t mind can you tell me more about your mcs ? They sound really interesting, especially Rhymiah


*very small intake of breath *
Oh you’re going to regret this, I promise you, but I want to let you know that I’m estatic you asked this and have thus sworn you my allegiance forever.
In order of me having fleshed them out, I present


Princess Rhymiah Dahlas: The literal personification of sunshine, the sweetest baby. She has long dark wavy-verging on curly hair, brown skin, and golden eyes, petite, she’s a clone of her mother, but has her uncle Althorys’ personality. She’s quiet, incredibly compassionate and a little (a lot) timid when she’s younger, but she grows more confident when she’s older (thank you Iseriah). She’s incredibly skilled at the harp, and has a beautiful singing voice. She’s reasonably well read, and she does archery and horseback riding. Little interest in politics, and although on an intellectual level does not appreciate only getting to go to Naphenia’s temple, its what she would have chosen a thousand times over, so. Kind to everyone she meets. Probably pretty close to most of her siblings, especially Olarion and Baelira. Very close to her mother, and although she used to wish she could be closer with her father, she will accept that nothing she could do would make him love her. Bisexual. Main romance very definetly Atheron, and maybbbeee Senetha and Nethica but honestly I’m so hooked on Rhymiah and Atheron that I know that’s her canon pairing. I’ve already designed kids. Do you know how excited you have to be for a game where it’s a chapter in and you haven’t even MET the love interest yet and you design kids? She’s probably also very close with Kaedra, Iseriah and Jasiphae, and, well, anyone she can be friends with, actually. What is she collecting them all for? Who knows.

Princess Phylia Dahlas: An erudite, intellectual and serious type, she is similar to Jaisphae as in she has a keen intelligence and love for academics, although she is less interested in hiding it. She doesn’t flaunt it, exactly, but she will not play dumb or kowtow to people. Frustrated with gender roles (she wants to go to Myetus’s temple), although she doesn’t cause a scene about it, except for maybe if a certain lady in waiting convinces her… Her relationship with Ysonia is strained-she genuinely loves her mother, but views her abscenes as irresponsible verging on reckless, and more personally, a sign she views Phylia more as a distant younger sister or cousin then a daughter. Will irritate Eraven with how much of a shit she does not give about him. Lesbian. Looks Asian (or whatever the equivalent is here) with straight black hair, pale skin and black eyes. Petite. Main (and only) romance, Iseriah. Gets along with Olarion best, and she doesn’t exactly not get along with Neraven, its more an awkward “lets just nod politely when we see each other” gig.

Princess Aelith Dahlas: A free wheeling, fiery and willful girl who has said on multiple occasions gender roles can kiss her ass, Iseriah has met her spiritual doppelgänger. Skilled in various forms of combat, especially swordsmanship, I think you can guess which one of these bad boys will be sneaking off to war haha. Her relationship with her mother is-pretty close, not Rhymiah close, but there’s affection there, and her relationship with Eraven is it’s a wonder she has not called him a beanstalk bastard to his face yet. Slightly above average height, but with the orange curls on her head she probably adds three inches lol. Green eyed, lots of freckles, pale skin tanned from all the outside stuff she’s doing (fighting, shes fighting, if there’s an Ophaesian fight club shes there). Closest with Terrisen. Romancing Kaedra and possibly Iphorah. She will beat her way into Tephus’s temple so help her, even though in general she’s very indifferent to religion, it’s the principle of the thing!

Princess Evantia Dahlas: the closest I can make to a ambitious sly character without feeling bad. Lol. She’s ambitious, she doesn’t necessarily want the throne, but she wouldn’t say no if it’s offered, her big plan is to appear loyal and demure, marry rich, and then live her own life away from the court. A little vain and superficial, but she does have morals-she’s not killing anyone, for example, my poor baby heart could never handle that ;-;. On the plus side her outfits fricking slay, she’s always on the cover of whatever the Ophaesian equivalent of Vogue is. Romancing Sebriel, probably, then maybe also Vesperion (?) I kinda…forgot about him when I was categorizing them lol. Sorry Mara i didn’t mean to. Of average height, golden hair and hazel eyes, pale skin.

That’s their general appearences, sorry they’re so sketchy and on their side i took a pic from my notebook lol.
I have two others that are only vaguely fleshed out but!
Princess Serathys: Very tall, pale brown skin and brown hair of around the same shade, and brown eyes. Very dreamy, luna love good esque character, does not have any interest in politics she just wants to wander around the garden and quote poetry at birds. Maybe Senetha?? I do think the dynamic would be fun. Probably close to her mother where they have conversations like
Ysonia: oh look a butterfly.
Serathys: I’ve named him Micheal Montmartre.
Ysonia: I see? Oh, strawberries!
Serathys: *reading book upside down *
Ysonia:…alright darling I love you.
As it turns out someone bound the pages wrong and she wasn’t being weird, she just had to genuinely do that xD. But Ysonia’s a little worried yet a little amused that she didn’t think twice that this was just something Serathys did…

Prince Secrona: bastard, thats all i have to say about him. Horrible, awful brat, I HATE HIM and I made him-I tried to play as a monster and I got through three choices before I got sick of him. Blond, blue eyed, imagine prince Joffrey from game of thrones but even more of a bitch.

If you want to know more about any of them (especially Rhymiah) just know that I would Die for you.


Nethica, as always my golden medallion. And Sebriel’s going to have to sharpen his wit arrows and use them to pin Prince MC to the wall as he’s wandering dangerously close to Vesperion’s edge. The torrid love affair with poetry is something I share–the tempestuous possibilities only enhanced by picturing an MC who thieves from my life events and gifts questionable prose to court and family on holidays. Leaving ink-stained stanzas for Vesperion to find on his pillow whence morning comes as their own little pillow talk…

Character Portraits

Princess Sanura (namely, kitten)

The kitten draws blood at play. She sinks claws into skin to survive. You’ll never know which it will be once I get a hold of you.

She likes the mirror best.
All the better to practice her smiles.

Loves Nethica as he is the creme of all men who are below her…

young Prince Svania (namely, swan]

I care not when my song ends for I will love long past that…

He bleeds his soft fingers all over the harp’s strings.
Music invites people in.
He wishes they would stay.

Loves Neth Sebriel Vesperion? Kyrisen kills him softly, painfully. For Vesperion he would gladly die.

Paintings courtesy of DollDivine


I love to see your comments, you have such a way with words that is astonishing, you could probably describe a soap recipe and I would still find it beautiful and inspiring.


I’m totally going to go for Brother Senetha Tephys… or Vesperion Verathae
Even though i’m more then likely going to play through all the male ROs (except Atheron, although I’ll probably play a female character just for him. we’ll see)


Too bad you have to break your promise because i’m not regretting this at all. All your mcs are amazing( Rhymiah is so precious she and my mc Solana would get along well). If you want i would like to tell you about my mc as well although they might not be as interesting as yours


My MC that I’ve also decided to call Serathys is exactly the same as yours -what is this sorcery?? I kind of want to romance Iphorah instead though because then there will be 2 extra cinnamon roll characters It was really fun to read about your characters! I love how you’ve already defined them so well even though there’s only one chapter of the game available for now :joy:


Oh I just saw this-Apparently, i was so tired after that long block of writing I immedietly went to bed lol, but I’d love more then anything to hear about Princess Solana! Tell me everything!


Personally? I think it’s the name lol. I think it has a very daydreamy, slightly kooky but awesome vibe. Some names just have personality.
And I hadn’t considered Iphorah but that would also make a lot of sense! now I’m tempted lol…
and thank you! I spend more time I think daydreaming then I should (school is…boring) and I feel weird if I leave a character sheet in my mind incomplete because how am I supposed?? To daydream about them?? If I don’t have their personalities on lock??? :slight_smile:



Want to see my characters? I’ve written them out too.