The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



Guess who’s come back with more Vesperion/MC fanfic? That’s right, it’s me! This is a companion piece for that one fanfic I posted earlier, and tbh I know this one needs a continuation because this one’s supposed to have like… three scenarios and I only wrote one. Not sure if I’m gonna write those other two parts tbh, but hey, hopefully this will be a fun read of its own!

In which there is actual dialogue and Vesperion is offended by poor poetry! Here's hoping I got his character right!

You aren’t used to suitors, which is why you don’t know how to deal with this… situation.

The situation being that you have, despite all your ill repute, somehow managed to attract the attentions of not one, not two, but three young suitors. One of which was an aspiring poet who would wax lyrical about the “luminescence of thy emerald orbs,” another the son of a merchant-turned-noble family who was not at all subtle with his bouquets of pink camellias and red carnations, and the last an oddly sweet noble from a cadet branch of one of the more minor Ophaseian Houses. Though you did not really trust their intentions, their interest flattered you, and a part of you considered encouraging their attention, entertained by both their gifts and company–

–but a bigger part of you was more curious about Vesperion’s rather… peculiar reactions to your sudden influx of suitors and their gifts. Especially since you still haven’t quite managed to place a label on whatever it was that was going on between the two of you now. (Kaedra, upon finding out what had transpired between the two of you because of course she would find out, had helpfully supplied the term “hate sex.” You had your doubts as the hate between the two of you – and there had to be hate on Vesperion’s part, he’d been harassing you for years – was not exactly mutual.)

Not knowing what they were at first, you had read the first batch of love poems not in the comfort of your own chambers, but in the openness of the library. The library where anyone could flitter in and out unannounced, where one could take note of the growing red on your cheeks as you just realized the exact nature of the supposed “letters” sent to you–

“And just what is it that has you so flushed?”

–which is, of course, exactly what Vesperion had done.

You, unfortunately very caught off guard by his sudden appearance, had let out a small, undignified yelp, dropping some of the love poems onto the floor. At this, Vesperion smirked, smug amusement clear on his features.

“Nothing of interest to you,” you replied, willing the heat on your face to subside as you went to collect the fallen poems. You weren’t sure what was more embarrassing – the fact that he’d caught you getting flustered over love poetry or your actions upon him catching you getting flustered over love poetry.

“What a boorish response,” he said, to which you huffed a small laugh.

“Forgive me for not wanting to divulge my personal matters at the drop of a hat,” you said, standing up straight, having finished collecting all of the fallen poems.

–or so you had thought before you had actually looked at Vesperion, whose eyebrow was risen up high as he read what was clearly one of the love poems dedicated to you.

“‘Thy smile shines brighter than the rising sun’?” he quoted in disbelief, ignoring your hissed “Vesperion!” and sidestepping your attempts to grab the poem back from him. He glared at the poem as if it offended him. “What is this? Is this truly what had you so flustered? I knew your tastes were dreadful, but this is just atrocious.”

You snatched the poem from him once he’d turned to face you with a sneer. You glared at him. “You may mock me all you want, but do not mock the feelings of the one who’d written me these poems.”

A flash of… something – you were too irritated to understand what – passes over his face as he asked, “Do you enjoy these sort of things?” in a sort of tense, aggravated manner.

“Perhaps,” you had bitten back, still glaring, “Not that it is any concern of yours.”

“I see,” Vesperion said coldly, before kissing you, the argument between you both having ended as you two switched over to more intimate activities.


Right there in the library? Oh my…


Oh I loved that it is very Vespi. Amd your character is cute … :heart_eyes_cat: And amazing different from what Mara is even if the ending would have been the exact same. :sunglasses: You know what I mean :wink:

Mara would be mockering about that stupid soap opereta guy terrible poetry and laughing to herself when Vespi caught her. And It would include a “What happened Vesperion? You want fancy me a poem to try to squeeze a better position in the realm. The silly sweet princess are smelling roses not here”

how much I love Vespi kitty


New lore makes me so freaking excited and cant wait for more!


I love finding out new lore as well!


Time to make Eraven regret some of his choices if he really wanted to humiliate the MC

/goes back to lurking


Oh hell yeah! Lore is the best.
Anyway I’ve been thinking about Jaisphae and honestly? Even if I cant romance her I love her. I can’t get this idea of like, her journaling and documenting everything and so…

Journal of Lady Jaisphae Asimina

7:15 A.M.
Waiting in pavilion to meet the princess with her two other ladies in waitings. Began a casual inquiry to gauge their relationship to her.
Lady Iseriah has no connection.
Lady Kaedra has known since childhood.
I asked her if the princess was high maintenance.
Laughed so hard she nearly fell into the water, only saved by latching onto Lady Iseriah.
Noted for further observation.

7:20 A.M.
Almost mistook princess for high ranking servant
Only wearing white dress, no accents.
Blushed when she saw us and asked if she was underdressed, then immedietly volunteered to go change. Lady Kaedra had to talk her down for three minutes.
Lady Iseriah seems taken by her.
Must be on guard. Could be wily act.

7:25 A.M.
Eating breakfast on pavilion.
She’s just eating plain toast and fruit and she’s cutting the fruit herself.
Drinking water out of earthward glass.
Lady Kaedra is calling her Rhysi or Miah, she seems comfortable with this.
Am suspicious that is not in fact princess and instead lady Kaedra is playing practical joke.
However, the servants (she only has two here) seem to expect this.

7:35 A.M.
She’s invited us to go with her for her daily schedule.
Taking walk in garden to aviary. A
Garden is well maintained
However, there are vegetables and fruit trees
I ventured to ask Princess Rhymiah and she insisted I just call her Rhymiah.
Says that she gardens there herself and that food tastes better when you do that.
Requires experimentation for confirmation of this.
She is very curious about my personal life and tastes.
I have informed her I like strawberries, and other things of little note.
Is she gathering this for future blackmail? Must stay vigilant.

7:45 A.M
All birds in her aviary are common.
She tells me that they are unable to survive on their own, which is why she owns them.
She owns three ducks, seven pigeons, and a Methinian bred goose.
Stayed far away from goose.
Am unsure of purpose of this.
Requires further investigation.

8:00 A.M.
Has returned to her suite
Very plain, in her bedroom there is only her bed, a desk, a couch, a rug, a bookshelf and a harp.
Sheinsists we sit down, Lady Kaedra seems to expect this.
Lady Iseriah seems thrilled by this as well.
Looked at her books. An impressive selection. She saw me looking and insisted I take a couple.
Possibly so she can call in a favor later.
However, they are very good quality so I agreed.

10:00 A.M
I was not aware someone could play the harp for 2 hours straight.
She is very skilled at it, however.
She coaxed Lady Iseriah into trying.
She is less skilled.

10:10 A.M.
Headed to royal library, will not deny excitement.

10:30 A.M.
I’ve died and gone to heaven.
She insists I take more books.
It would be rude to decline.

12:00 A.M.
Lunch. Bread cheese and meat stew.
She confides in us she has asked the cook to teach her to cook and she can make some dishes.
Once more considered the idea of an imposter, however the Queen arrived, kissed her cheek and called her darling so it is unlikely that is the case.

1:00 P.M.
She has suggested we go out riding and take some snacks.
She is fairly good at it
Brought bow and arrows to practice, suggested Lady Iseriah bring her sword.
Lady Iseriah is practically vibrating.
I got a horse named Bluebell. A good mount.

4:00 P.M.
Returned. Am covered with mud when Lady Iseriah got very enthusiastic about riding.
Although not her fault, she appears like she feels very guilty and insists we borrow her clothes.
She showed me her closet.
Was not aware there were this many white unembroidered dresses in Selanes.

Spent last three hours reading and documenting.
Rhymiah practiced music, read, and talked with us.
Came over to me and handed me small basket of strawberries.

Dinner with queen. Much more ornate then other meals.
They sat and discussed book, Rhymiah turned and asked me my opinion.
The Queen is different then I thought.

She went to bed. Had no servants bathe her, put on nightgown herself, wished us all goodnight.

11:00 P.M
Knock on door
Rhymiah there with Kaedra and Iseriah, asked if we wanted a midnight snack.
She showed us down to kitchen, heated up milk and cut up some peaches.
Found some more strawberries.

Brought us back.
Am not sure what’s going on.


Oh hell yeah! Nothing would piss him off more!


Who’s gonna be everyone’s first RO run through? Mines gonna be Atheron then Vesperion then Sebriel and then Nethica lol there are so many interesting ROs


Atheron, then maybe Iseriah, Senetha, Nethica, Kaedra, Jaisphae (just because those two I’ve just set in my mind as bros lol), Sebriel, Iphorah, Vesperion.


I’d like to learn more about Senetha actually. He seems interesting what with the whole paladin thing going on


I’m so torn between Atheron and Vesperion. I’ve no idea who’s gonna be first. :sweat_smile:
Before Vesperion’s introduction it was Atheron. Now I gess I have to see them in game.
Third gonna be Nethica followed by Sebriel. Then Senetha (if he’s gonna be available for fMC).
And then gonna be romances for my male MC: Jasiphae, Kaedra and Iphorah.
Guys, what type of characters your MC in different romances?
Is it one for all? Or do you have many MC for each romance?


I myself only have one MC for all the romances


I’d say for a lot of my romances I’ll use Rhymiah, just cause I’m so attached to her. So, for Atheron, Nethica, Vesperion, Iphorah, Senetha (if he’s bi) and possibly one route with Iseriah, I’ll use Rhymiah through at least one play through. However, my main romance with Iseriah will be my princess Phylia, because I like the dynamic. I have a princess Evantia who I might use for Vesperion or Sebriel, or both. I have a princess Aelith who I’ll use for Kaedra…I’ll have to make a male MC for Jaisphae though lol.


I have at least 2 mc for each romance. I especially like an energetic and cheerful mc for the serious Senetha ( i hope he’s bi ) and a shy one for Nethica and Vesperion


Senetha if he’s bi, Kaedra,Iseriah and Sebriel to me they sound really appealing, if you want to hear the reasons I can write them


I am a Vespi girl but later when I made other characters I will try all. However, I am faithful when I am in “love” with a character I normally don’t even look others. Like with Semryu.


I’ll probably try all the male ro’s with my prince (except Atheron) But it would be fun if my prince could fall in love with him either way for one playthrough of that unrequited love angst lol and also that some characters fall in love with my mc without him being in love with them.


I live for the angst so yes to all of that :grin:


Yeah. My loyalty is my main problem. :sweat_smile:
I’ve had such an issue to romance anyone else when I fall in love with someone. It’s like Cullen in DA3. My guilty pleasure. :heart_eyes: The only playground I’ve romance Solas was with mage warden save. And it’s kind a headcanon for me he’ll end up with her, and lavellan could fall in solavellan hell.
That’s why I try a role-playing this. For each ro their own MC (even if they very similar).