The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



Honestly, it’s why I love him. Most of my characters are already pretty hot-headed and need someone to cool 'em down when things get too hot.

That said, I still plan on romancing Vesperion with my hot-headed MCs because, hooooooooo boy they’re just gonna egg each other on, probably set fire to the kingdom with their dumb ass fights and shenanigans.


hot with hot baby :dark_sunglasses:


I couldn’t help but imagine this scene:
King in his fury insult MC again in public after marriage. And Atheron stand up to him and defend his wife. Not in hot head way but in cold. And then MC talking to father something like this “Thank you for my marriage. I couldn’t ask for better man as my husband! I’m much more lucky in my marriage then my mother!”
And then they leaves in sunset.


Alternative scene:

Those ducks the MC raises on Methina come to the rescue and peck at Eraven until he goes away.


Ducks are too cute for this. For this job my MC will definitely raise a geese.


Exactly what I wanted-the aesthetic of raising animals in a small Italian villa, and the revenge I can wrought on Eraven

Mc: alright, you’ve been preparing your entire life for this. You know what to do?
Goose: honks
MC: softly make me proud
Goose: honk

-three weeks later on the mainland-


My revenge would include mimes bad jongleurs a dance floor and panteras (panthers) if he tries to stop dancing panteras would gentle bite him. Dead by dance music. I could play an instrument and vespi read poetry about his happy demise


In the epilogue for the game, Methina becomes renowned for their War Geese.


Please don’t bring the war of the geese to here too, I already survived one I cannot handle another


Vereyan man: *takes long drag of cigar * you know boy, we were confident that we could win. The Ophaesian navy was unstoppable, but we took Methina… But then…
Young boy: They fought back?
Vereyan: they didn’t have to. They had geese
Young boy: * horrified gasp *


Too many geese to shoot?


they’re bulletproof, obviously :triumph:. Best bred geese in Selanes.


From Tumblr: “[Atheron] is demisexual and hetero-romantic.”

I adore - wait, no, you guys already know that.

(buries my face in hands, tiny high-pitched shrieking) It is just so rare to see any form of asexuality in a romance option at all, much less demisexuality. I think I may cry.


Funny thing is so rare that i discovered here that I am demisexual. lol. True story. However my characters are not normally. But is cool see a myriad of real life people spectrum not like most games.


Regarding the gifts during MC’s 7 years old birthday , is there any significant difference between the present we chose, are there Stats related between the Gemstones, Books and Harp ?

I chose Books and MC’s mother said that’s her personal gift , so i assume Gemstones and Harp are given by different persons ?


They influence the stats. It’s stated in the game that the harp is given to the MC by their uncle, and the mirror by their grandmother.


Fawkes have talked about it before. Gifts would be expanded and affect stats and several scenes. I asked her personally If I could for instance pick harp because i like music and later collect daggers and have them and Fawkes said that there is no problem. Harp is given by our uncle? That is a great musician


Thanks @justme an @poison_mara

i just started one playthrough , and it was the books i chose :slight_smile:

so the Books aren’t going to be spell books ?

EDIT :there is a mirror ? i thought i only read 3 items … i must had miss it …


I believe that Fawkes said this story will be low-fantasy. So i think the books are just normal books.


Yeah, I think I remember that there won’t be spells and stuff at least by PC