The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



I posted it a while ago here this is my phone screensaver


Nice! I’ve cast my player characters as well.


I fell into the creator as well… I made two because I couldn’t decide which colors liked!

Princess Maliya and Prince Maltic

Kinda leading more towords the dark blue…


what site is this?


It’s a collaborative dress up game by DollDivine and Azalea’s Dolls based on the Tudors.

You can even see the watermark on the bottom right hand corner of the image.


Ey yo! I literally just made an account so I could post my like… little odd sort of rambly Vesperion/MC fanfic lmao I’ve been daydreaming about this dude on and off for a couple of days now which resulted into… this:

I did not use the spoiler tag right the first time lmao but it's okay I figured out how to put things under a cut which is better tbh

You aren’t used to suitors.

And why would you be? The most reviled woman in all the realm is your mother, and you yourself are nothing but the King’s mistake. As beautiful as you are – and you are beautiful, that is a fact, as narcissistic as that thought is – your very existence is an affront to the world. Who would ever want to waste their company on you, the dreadful snake that you are?

…or so Vesperion would say to you, that absolute prat.

You still regret not headbutting him as intended that… bizarre day your relationship shifted into something much less hostile. He had been following you, slinging insults and cruel words as seems to be his daily routine, and you had just been so irritated that day. Normally you’d have been able to laugh off his vicious words, interrupting him with a sharp quip of your own, but you had just crossed paths with the King earlier that day and that encounter had, as all encounters with the King promised, plummeted your spirits abysmally.

Suffice to say, you were in no mood to play along with Vesperion’s petty games that time. After he’d uttered one more crude remark about your mother, you had quickly spun around, grabbed the front of his collar and pulled down hard in preparation for the hardest headbutt in all of history–

–but you had miscalculated. You had pulled him down too hard, far too quickly, and instead of pulling him into perfect headbutting range you had, instead, crashed his lips upon your own.

Things had… escalated rather quickly after that, and Vesperion has since been much softer towards you. Which isn’t saying much, really, considering he’d been hellbent on ruining your life since the both of you had been children, but, well.

You don’t hate him. You’re not sure what you feel for him, or whatever it is that is going on between you right now, but you don’t hate him.

The prat still deserves a good headbutt though, and that’s one regret you’ll always carry with you.

I hope I used the spoiler tag right! (Me, editing this: I did not) This piece doesn’t feel complete to me tbh so I may like do a little continuation of it some other day idk. Hopefully someone enjoys this silly little thing!


Um your spoiler has failed try putting spaces between the letter and the bracket


GOT is actually a reverse-morality tale about how honor can not only get you killed, but also your family. Most of the Starks died (Ned, Catelyn, Robb, Rickon, Jon), were crippled Bran, or suffered severe emotional and physical abuse Sansa for their political naivete. The only one who hasn’t been treated horridly by the story is Arya, and she tossed her “honor” into the trash immediately after her father was killed and became an assassin.

As I’m sure you both already know, as romance languages, both the Spanish and Portuguese words come from the Latin Panthera, which btw is what the P in P_Tigras stands for. Panthera Tigris is the scientific name for tigers. Along the same lines:

Jaguars are Panthera Onca.
Panthers/Leopards, are Panthera Pardus (real panthers are completely black leopards)
Pumas/Mountain Lions are Puma Concolor (they can purr like housecats and get to be in their own genus)

I love cats, both big :tiger: and small :cat:.

My mother and her sisters grew up in Brazil and speak fluent Portuguese. A very big chunk of my family speaks Portuguese, several of whom still live in Brazil.


Omg I hope that we can see Vesperion snap at the king.


OMG, @Fawkes! How could you do this for us? How could you write such incredible characters/ROs?
I fall in love with them little more with every ask on your tumblr! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Just how am I going to find a real boyfriend?
Every man I met couldn’t be compared to your perfect Atheron/Vesperion/Nethica. And you’re not even finished Seven Heirs…
It seems I’m doomed to be single :sweat_smile:

The look on king’s face would be priceless :smirk:
That’s definitely gonna be one of my favorite scenes.


to be perfectly honest, I want to see Atheron snap at the king. Imagine how much Eraven has to fuck up for Atheron to be like, “Oh for fuck’s sake, this ain’t worth it.”


Dear lord yessssss


Atheron is the king commoner It would need lot of smooching and rock and roll to convince to go against the king. Vespi would be far more enthusiastic even proba less effective


Dunno. I’ve had another impression of Atheron. He seems like people person. Like he gladly die for his people.
And if I remember correctly Fawkes said there are going to be argument between Atheron and king.


Yeah, but snap him publicly I think he is more stoic, reserved


Oh god now I want that so much! Us with Atheron and Eraven cooly insulting us and he stands up and goes “don’t talk to her like that.”
I mean, from what we’ve heard he doesn’t seem like the king’s lackey, he seems independent enough, so that should be plausible!


I think it would depend on what Eraven does.

Like, I doubt Atheron would stand idly by if Eraven snaps and calls the MC a mistake again. But you’re right, I don’t see Atheron getting so angry as to lose his cool. Instead, I imagine he’s one of those types that gets eerily quiet with cold fury, and even Eraven knows he fucked up because the temperature in the room dropped about fifty degrees.


I hope there is difference if Atheron in love with Mc. I think his loyalty would be with princess.


I don’t think so in pub audience, but totally in private council. I don’t see him snap his king in middle of a public session


Exactly that’s how i see him. Vespi is more hot headed but not our commander