The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



That’s fair! I have four MCs I’m workig on, with a fifth on its way -I’ll probably make an ambitious one. I need a couple male ones haha. I don’t know but for me names are like, really indicative of what personality I imagine them having- Secrona, for example, sounds cruel and sadistic to me and rhymiah is soft and gentle and shy and Phylia is reserved and composed, so that’s how I chose their personalities! Any Mc I have named secrona is definetly gonna be as cutthroat as he can. Can I ask what a pantera is? All I’m getting from google is rock music haha.


A way to discredit those claims potentially is implying that they are illegitimate.


No children is better than bastards I think


True. But implying the kids are bastards also drags the parent through the mud!


Graveyard is better mud, a silent one


Sending them to the graveyard in a way that does not implicate the MC is also something to figure out.


That’s where fun is!!! That’s why i love play as Mara… Diplomatic relations poison, assassinations and pretty clothing


You must like Game of Thrones.


Actually I hate it . I read first book and I end so hating Starks boringness that i couldn’t help hating the universe. I HOPE ALL STARKS ARE DEAD FOR GOODIES AND BORING… I WAS NEVER SO MUCH BORED WITH A FAMILY… they are the cast of Mary Poppings or a insurance company add.


Please guys try to stay on topic


Sorry about that!


Hey! So i’m a long time lurker on the forums (Since 2015 wow) and I’m a huge fan of Seven Heirs! I love all you’ve been doing so far Fawkes and I’m excited to see where it’s all going!
So I ended up getting inspired and writing Vesperion fic, and it’s a lil’ spicy, so enjoy!


Panther in Spanish


Oh wow, I was thinking like, a style of jewelry or flowers, not panthers-but I like the aesthetic choice! Might be kinda hard to tame though. Thanks!


Jaguar and I think Pantera (Panther) are Spanish names I think Puma is too. So I forgot use the English language way of writing it, sorry. Panteras could be called to black slim cats even is not common .


Same in Portuguese


:hugs: Un caro abraço … I am from Galicia so It’s cool have a neighbor here I love going to the frontier and to Porto.


I’m actually from Brazil, we speak Portuguese too,the language is kinda similar


Yeah, I have friends from Brazil here . We are all Hispanic after all.


No problem! I love the aesthetic of a girl leaning back in a throne while panthers slink around her. Sounds like a fun scene!
What does Mara look like?