The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Hiatus.]



I didn’t see this poll, so I couldn’t vote lol

I would have voted she didn’t do it but had a hand in it because her family is so damn machevelian. Since Neravrn and Ysonia got along well before the tragedy happen it doesn’t surprise if they thought they could push the relationship further. It’s obvious that they don’t care if they end up hating each other because of it.


Well I haven’t read every post in the thread (there’s a LOT) so take my opinion with a grain of salt I guess.

I just find it unlikely from a story telling perspective that the rumours surrounding Ysonia are accurate, sort of similar to Boo Radley from To Kill a Mockingbird. And maybe I’m wrong, but she really doesn’t seem all too jazzed about being queen?? So that calls her motivations for committing the murder into question imo, especially since she and Alapharen were apparently close friends.

If she did have a hand in the murder, she would probably have had help from her family, and the Maeliahs have been described as rather calculating. I’d like to think they’d be smart enough to do it without pretty much everyone in Ophaesia thinking it was Ysonia. Framing someone else seems like the obvious thing to do, but that didn’t happen here, so yeah. My two cents.


I don’t think Ysonia killed Alpharen, but has an idea who might’ve done it.


Hey, good to know! Thank you for clarifying that.


Didn’t see the poll so couldn’t vote. But I don’t think she did it…and I don’t think she knows who did it either. Her family might’ve had a hand in it, but Ysonia doesn’t strike me as the cutthroat type and they know it and would’ve probably kept her out of it.


What happens during the visits to the Temples?


Why so silence here???


My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that she had a hand in the death of the queen but not because she wanted it. In fact, I’m not sure if it even was a murder at this point.

Maybe she was convinced to assist Alapharen in taking her own life for whatever reason. Maybe Alapharen was pregnant from another man and died as the result of trying to terminate the pregnancy before anyone knew about it, and Ysonia was helping herdo so which would also mean she knew the queen was cheating on Eraven. And whatever it was,because she felt guilty, she confessed to the king after the wedding night.


How do you know Neravan was infatuated with Ysonia



Just how much trouble would Senetha and Iphorah get into if they broke their vows?


My personal thinking is exile and lost everything… but Something makes me believe that the probability of them having accidents would be high as hell. As that were the triad desire…


There will be a climbing the flagpole scene (a famous Spanish historical reference) … just saying.


I miss you girl :hugs:


Climbing the flagpole?


In Spanish at least in some places there is the phrase hanging someone in a flagpole There is also used with the ship . and several saids about flagpoles . I am not a linguistic expert but in common use mean ridicule the person and bullying . Probably will have to do with Inquisition shame punishments thatridicule people in public in terrible acts like dressing them as animals launch them poo cut the hair etc etc

Also in some villages there is the custom of climb flagpoles in a race to reaching the end first or grab an object hanging there…

In fact we do have a lot of stuff with flagpole now that i am checking … we are weird


To make yet another comparison to Chinese history, I can’t help but think of Princess Gaoyang of Tang who fell in love with a Buddhist monk.

Such a sad fate, and she was the emperor’s favorite daughter. (Her attempted rebellion didn’t help, but half of us here are gonna try to do it in game anyway so…) I dread finding out what Eraven would make of my princess getting wound up with Senetha.


Or what he’d do with prince getting involved with Iphorah.


Reason to kill daddy before he destroys us HE WANTS MARRY MARA WITH A NASTY COMMONER WITH THE CHARISMA OF A ROTTEN POTATO So for Mara doesn’t care he has to die


I think Atheron has more charisma then our dearest father ever could have. :grin:
He’s loved by people, he is one of those who made themselves despite being a commoner by birth. And he definitely gonna be more useful for manipulating MC alive, you don’t even need to marry him, so why kill?
Your Mara is going to be a queen, so weakening your future kingdom by killing most bright and talented people is really poor choice for a wise ruler. :thinking:


I wont kill potato commoner I was talking about dad commoner could be useful to maintain our rival neighbour kingdom distracted and he could be disposed later . He is dangerous and worse good person I don’t want good people in my court