The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP - Atheron Art in Post #3354) [Hiatus.]



That art is sooooo good. I could totally see Atheron in a pirates costume.


Although we had already described some characteristics of the characters, it is good to see how they really are with the fanarts. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d love to see Jasiphae or Kaedra next.


The poll for this month’s RO closed earlier, and Vesperion won! Kaedra was in second place, though, so maybe she’ll win next month!


Oooh! Looking forward to that!


Mara will certainly look intentionally Vespi kitty. However I will not due I won’t kill my head canon I am very susceptible to pictures of characters but I think you have a great idea @Fawkes as promotion materail


Still answering questions related to the RO’s? I think I came to learn very late about the existence of this great project :cry:. Anyway, I would like to know: How would the RO’s react to a male MC of traditional customs and conservative attitude?


I don’t think those type of questions are answered here.