The Selected One



You’ve just given me two achievement ideas:

  1. Find all Diamonds in the game

  2. Fight the Booty (Bootsy?) Monster

Poor Diamond and their battalion of family members.


That is pretty much what I was thinking when I said mess with the heroes, unless you gift them latter in the game. Other villainous actions could be getting revenge, killing civilians, killing enemies instead of capturing them, trying to force people to help you/ fellow you. Honestly there is a ton of stuff you could do if you where wellington add a villain path into the game.


Hi guys! You can put away your handkerchiefs (or prepare them, depending on how you view this story), for this story shall continue in a nearby future. Evil never rests, after all. And we still don’t know what happened to Jamie (if anything had indeed happened.

@JordanQuimby Well, if I’ll end up adding a villain path, it will probably follow the tone of Diabolical, which is to say - it will be more silly than anything else. This story is very whimsical after all :smiley: I’ll leave serious themes like betrayal, vengeance and death to Hunter’s Sacrifice.


I was sold at the Harem bit. Now all I need is a tsundere.


One tsundere coming up. Eventually. Deres make romance interesting or deadly, depending on the type.

Diamond could probably count as tsundere though. Or could be just an A+ jerk. Who knows.


Definitely a tsundere, but alas our love could never be. Unless they had a human transformation. (which I wouldn’t put out of the question)


It’s not. Seriously.


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