The Seeker (Dumb dialog for low IQ, extended character creator and more stats!)


*Added the following races: Dwarf, Gnome, Daint (made-up race, children or grandchildren of Gods. A major Daint will play in the secondary ‘main’ plot.).
*Extended the stat screen: added rouge skills, known magic, known tech etc…
*Added a semi-dumb dialog option for .people whose IQ = 4. This happens when you chose you were coddled because of your striking good looks and don’t pick the gnome race or the teacher rank.


*Added full dumb dialog option for people who have IQ lower then 4! This happens when you chose bar fly, and don’t pick the gnome race or teacher rank.

NOTE: Pretty exited about this update. Though my game is still in very early development, I’m pretty proud of the progress I’m making.

A special “THANK YOU!” for everyone who helped me out with the coding. <3


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