The Scun Chronicles - Gambit (WIP)

Only the one critique? I’ll take it lol. Thanks for sparing the time to go through my project.

I can’t look into it just yet but I’ll address the formatting issue at a later date.

I’m guessing the two Ro’s are Katyia and Juan right?


Thank you guys for all the likes and survey responses.

The survey link now stands disabled. Few takeaways for those who might be interested:

  • Surprisingly few entries from English speaking countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand.

  • Fairly young reader base.

  • Fairly large number of people who attempt multiple playthroughs.

  • Expected word count in average playthroughs unsurprisingly high. Greater the word count greater the perceived value.

I did notice some comments regarding sexism and homophobic content. Not my intent to put anyone off or make anyone uncomfortable. Please don’t take it the wrong way. These were tossed in as a story telling element only.

TBH Gambit was originally intended to be a gender locked straight male story similar to the Sabres/Guns/Lords of Infinity series of which I am a big fan.

RO’s are a key feature of IF’s I get that.
Gender locked IF’s as I understand it are in the minority and I am nowhere near as proficient a writer as Paul Wang. :sweat_smile:
I doubt I’d be able to sell it that well.


For those who have bookmarked the project please note a round of updates have gone in based on feedback received during the demo. Updates include but are not restricted to the formatting. Hopefully its a bit easier to make out who’s saying what now.

Also for any who are wondering there will be NO scenes depicting sex in game.

  • whether they be between two npc’s
  • or between player character and npc

General News:

  • The project is still in early stages,
  • The story is fixed,
  • The timeline has been written out (not releasing it yet),
  • Character list is also mostly fixed. (some are good, some are not, some are morally gray),
  • Endings are also fixed (most don’t end well).

The implementation details are still being hashed out. There will be changes down the line. Some major some minor.


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