The Saga of Oedipus Rex (Released)

If there’s any room to beta test I would like to join I have a lot of free time so I’ll be able to contribute :grin:

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@Dloading sure, I’ll send you a link :slight_smile: .

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Hey I would love to beta test as well if possible :slight_smile:

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@Delena Sure I’ll send you the link :slight_smile:

I’ve had some great responses from testers so far and so I’ll likely be closing for new beta testers as of this weekend (I’ll change the header when I do so it’s clear). It’s just that way it gives everyone who’s already asked to test the game a chance to read it, and for me to then make any changes needed from the feedback. (Really trying to get this submitted within the next couple of weeks if possible :slight_smile: )

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I want to be a beta tester. Ive have a very flexible schedule.

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I would definitely be down to test the game, if you are still looking for people to do so

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@Sdfgdsfg and @Reymark_Serentas Sure. Sending a link your way :slight_smile:

Thanks. Im actually reading demo right now.

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Hiya, I love Greek tragedy, and I often find bugs other people miss. Is it still possible to get in on your Beta?

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Hi @P_Tigras. Sure, I only just closed it yesterday and haven’t had a chance to finish everything up yet. Thanks for offering I’ll send you the link :slight_smile:

Blurring out the text as there are some potential generalised spoilers for anyone who doesn’t want to know anything about the possible Egypt paths that can happen in Oedipus (Or American Gods- warning spoilers.) I can’t seem to spoiler the videos without de-linking them and they also contain spoilers for both, so don’t click if you don’t want to know :slight_smile:

I wrote the Egypt section of Oedipus before I watched American gods (and Oedipus is closer to the mythological version), but the way they’ve portrayed the weighing in a more modern interpretation is amazingly done (if a bit sad/scary) and explains what’s happening quite well in American gods from both sides of if your heart was deemed to be light or heavy.

(Edit: I don’t know if this link is showing up right so it’s here otherwise: American Gods- Anubis and the Old Woman )

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Hey everyone, probably just getting overly worried when thinking about it today, but for those of you who know what happens in the original Oedipus story, do you think I need to add a play mode option that can be selected ensure Oedipus dosn’t completely complete the prophecy aka with regards to locking out marriage at the start for people who might get upset about it?

At the moment I’ve got one option that in regards to the prophecy locks a few options so it does happen, and a second which is free choice. Do you think people are likely to get offended or should enough people know what the myth is about to not need a third starting option?

I’ve also put a mature themes warning on the first page to make it clear this isn’t designed for young kids, but still wondering if there are readers who will take offense? I haven’t had any beta testers so far comment to say it’s a problem, so could be ok as is?

Putting up a poll, but if you have any views I’d like to hear it, especially for anyone who has mature or controversial themes in their games.

  • Leave it as it is with the current play modes
  • Add one to ensure Oedipus’ fate is avoided
  • No strong views/probably doesn’t matter either way
  • Other (please comment :slight_smile: )

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Edit: Actually I’m thinking maybe it’s worthwhile just putting in there. It wouldn’t take much coding to add.

I found this picture from the movie that was apparently made of Oedipus’ story. I’d watch it but I think those masks would probably give me nightmares :no_mouth:

So I watched a Ted Talk instead. There’s some really good stuff on that channel that can help with writing. (Spoilers for this game in the video by the way.)

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Hey everyone, so Oedipus has already been submitted, but due to the last poll I decided to add in the extra play mode at the start. I was doing a last scan for typos, and decided one of the endings was really far too short. It’s the one in Egypt where you can choose the quiet life and end up in the greek underworld.

So anyway, I did what I usually do when adding short sections, and instead of adding a couple of extra paragraphs like I intended to in order to flesh out the epilogue, it kind of turned into an over six and a half almost seven thousand word story extension “epilogue”.

I know everyone’s probably already beta tested this one to death (pun intended) but if anyone who’s already read it feels like going on a typo/anything seriously amiss with the story/needs alterative options hunt in the alternative ending section I’d be very appreciative. (I haven’t put it up anywhere yet, just seeing if there’s an interest first :slight_smile: )

Main catch is since it’s already been submitted, I really need to get the revised files back to COG within a couple of days, so I wasn’t planning on putting the entire story up for completely new testers again unless someone really wants to run through it from scratch and focus on the Egypt section within a short period of time for that reason :slight_smile:


So, I played the demo, and uh…

Do we get to romance the sphinx?

Oh yeah sorry, only the demo is up on the main thread (not the full game) as I took the last part of the game into a private beta before I submitted it :slight_smile:

To answer your question though, if you can work out how to save her, there’s a chance for her to become a RO later in the story if you want.

Nice. So who are the ROs?

Also, excuse the degeneracy, but is there an ending where we don’t go mad after romancing our mother?

It started off as a retelling of Oedipus Rex only which is a tragedy not a romance, so it’s pretty light on the ROs department I’m afraid. The Sphinx is the main one who was added by popular demand. I don’t think Jocasta can be called a RO given what the circumstances are, but you can get married. Second question: yes, you can avoid that fate if you make the right choices for it :slight_smile:

I mean, is there an ending where we marry our mother, find out about it, but don’t go mad?

Yep that’s possible.