The Saga of Oedipus Rex (Released)


Which I’m fine with, my point is they need to stop screwing around with people and just slate the game a day late, becuase that’s always when they release it on the offical site.


Best to bring your concern directly to them not use this thread to do so.


It’s just the truth m8. time after time after time, game release date is actually the day after. I’m pretty sure they know at this point, it must be some sort of odd PR strategum.


I do agree the concern have been posted before. I have been there when TWC was delayed weeks. But I can’t really say much but I do hope this will not be delayed.


And you just don’t want me to muddy the thread, I get it.

But I own like… every book on CoG at this point, I just wish they’d be a bit more honest with their release dates so i could plan a nice evening. But whatever, you’re right. Sorry for bringing it here.


Hi there @LJ_Phoneix. Just to help clear things up a bit, in this case, I was contacted about an expected issue that wasn’t COG’s fault that they only found out about yesterday. It’s all resolved now, but I’m not sure if this will have delayed the release or not. If it doesn’t release today, it wasn’t anything deliberate on COG’s part. Sometimes there’s more going on behind the scenes, especially when the app stores are involved as has been in other delayed releases. I’m more impatient than anybody to see it out and released, but unfortunately sometimes the unexpected happens. It’ll be out very soon with any luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update m8, sorry about complaining about things outside your control in your book thread.

If it makes you feel any better I plan to buy it straight out and settle down with a new book.

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No problems :slight_smile: Thank you for your enthusiasm about its upcoming release! I hope you like it when it does come out.


Ok holding off a proper announcement thread, but for anyone following this game thread specifically it looks like google has beaten the other platforms to a release again!
Google Play link

If google’s released, I’m sure the other platforms will be out very soon :slightly_smiling_face: In the meantime introducing the Saga of Oedipus Rex. Hope everyone enjoys it :smiley:


Just downloaded it and left a review!



Thank you @adrao!

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I am glad that I was able to help with this project.


Thank you for all your help @Rogar :smile:. You contributed heaps of useful advice to getting this project together (including convincing me to do a rewrite of one section which I think was a good call.) I really appreciate it. This game wouldn’t have been the same without advice and feedback from wonderful the beta testers on this project!


Hello, I just got the game, but I can’t seem to deviate to other paths. Like the God of Chaos, or the underworld?

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Hi @JustinM thanks for getting my game. Can you send me a PM and let me know which endings you’ve gotten? I can probably send you a quick walkthrough but it depends on which path you’ve been ending up on as some of the decisions you make early can actually change what happens later even though it might not seem like it at the time.

Also make sure you don’t pick the “Tragedy of Oedipus” option at the very start as it is designed to deliberately follow the main points of the original story. To always end up on a completely different path to the original, pick the 3rd option “The escape of Oedipus”. (Option 2 (The fate of Oedipus) can go either way :slight_smile: .)

Just as a guess but one of the things you need to do earlier on to end up on the 2 paths you’ve mentioned is save the Sphinx. If you haven’t done that, you won’t have the options to get to those areas.


Hey just wandering if you knew what was going on it said the game was released on the 16 but android hasn’t got it yet

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Congrats, @Jacic! I’m going into this blind, but that’s how I usually like to roll! Purchased it and will check it out this weekend!


Thanks @Eric_Moser, hope you like it!

@Jack15 the game seems to have had a bit of a delayed release on some platforms and not all came out on the 16th. (COG will put up the links when they’re all up.) For android try this link It’s up on my country’s android store and should work, but if it isn’t available yet for you, it should be up very soon :slight_smile:

Edit- Just checked the Hosted Games page and looks like it is now up for apple, google and amazon :grin:
Apple: Link
Google: Link
Amazon: Link


It was one of the best hosted games I’ve played :smiley:


Thanks @Prince_Tanix! That’s unbelievably nice of you to say that. You’ve just made my day :relaxed: