The sadness :DD


Has this happened to you? :DD I mean, these are the only games that i liked and i read them all already :smiley: I’m just gonna have to sit here a year or two for a sequel to one of these games. (I know about Heroes Rise series, i just forgot to add it in the screenshot) Oh god, i have no life even when i finally stop playing games all the time and start to read something :smiley:


Ah, yes. The moment when you finish a good TV Show (Breaking Bad), a good video-game (Mass Effect Trilogy), or a good book(s. I can’t really say a specific one).
Sad, indeed. Though, never experienced it with any text games.


You need to charge your phone. If I let mine get down to 10% I’d be freaking out.


Everytime I finish bingeing a tv show…


It’s actually better not to charge your phone excessively, helps with the battery expectancy


Did you get all the achievements already? :grinning: There are several games I’ve played many, many times and I still didn’t manage to get everything.

Also, thanks for making me aware of Seven Bullets and Somme Trench. For whatever reason, I hadn’t heard of those before.


Somme trech is a good game, but i don’t recommend Seven Bullets. It’s weird.


Seven Bullets isn’t actually weird. The plot significantly changes depending on your choices. The endings, some of them - make absolutely no sense. I can still see what you mean, but nevertheless, the game makes you feel like a badass. I didn’t stop until I got all the endings.


We need to come up with a name for this.

Every time I finished a video game I like I get so depressed.

More so for the fact that I’m no longer in that world and it’s over, and the fact I’ll never be able to be in that world for real fucks me up.

Rip me


Edit: I’m on top of my game.


It’s like watching the end of your favorite anime


Life is nothing but pain and sadness