The Road to Somewhere (WIP) (Tentative Title)

Hey guys!
I’ve been reading(playing?) CoG for years, but this is my first stab at making my own, so please bear with me.
The title right now is The Road to Somewhere, but that’s extremely subject to change. In it you play a down-on-your-luck citizen of the sketchy port city of Orrinsport, who is wrongly accused of a high-profile crime (specifics are to be determined). You’re forced to leave the city and go on the run with an unlikely companion, a local thug who you were forcefully introduced to when you ran into trouble with a loan shark. But the further you get from Orrinsport, the more you realize that you’ve been caught up in something much larger than yourself.
The story’s set in a low-magic world, but there will be opportunities for your character to learn magic if they want. There will be romanceable characters, including your companion. I’m still working on the first chapter as of now, but I’d love feedback on what I have.



I like what you have so far! The plot sounds interesting and I enjoy your writing (“You came into the world in the corner of a hut that had been beaten into submission by the wind and waves for so long, it had forgotten how to stand upright,” is very evocative, and “fishing was proof that the Gods were assholes,” is…just very funny and made me laugh). I like that our character already seems to be somewhat jaded by their surroundings—it’s nice to play someone that has an actual connection to their world.

I noticed that when you choose to be born wealthy, regardless of the gender you pick, the part afterwards that describes your parents turns into the same text and choices that the fisherman background has.


Looks promising. I will return with further feedback.

I love this title!

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I like the title and that sounds like a great plot. I’m not much of a beta tester, but I do want to say good luck with this. :+1:

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How much murder will I be able to do?


Straight to the essentials as usual. :ok_hand:


Thanks for the feedback! I fixed the part where it shows the fisherman background when you choose wealthy, thanks for bringing that to my attention :slight_smile:

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Expect at least one opportunity in the first chapter :wink:


The important details!


I liked most of what I say but I think it would be hilarious if one of the choices for jobs was being an actual criminal. I don’t know why but I love the visual of the MC going “Woah woah woah, I’ve done a lot of questionably illicit things, but this?this wasn’t me.”

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It is a good start. I liked how you introduced the players gender identity naturally, rather than just going with the typical choice before the game starts. Would be interesting if you had maybe a drunk patron next to you to tell you a little bit more history about the town of Orrinsport (I am bit of a fan when it comes to dialogue, maybe you could even respond to his questions when he/she asks you about your past). The demo was rather short so I really can’t give much feedback. Not sure if you should use opposing traits for stats. If you need any help, you can always ask coding questions on the forum, the resources COG provides is rather useful too.


Haha I like that. I might not put it as a career, but maybe I’ll make a choice of reactions to getting accused, and that’ll modify the player’s chaos/order stat.

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Thanks for the feedback! I really like the drunk patron idea, but unfortunately most of the game is going to take place outside of Orrinsport. The player should be on the road (hence the name) and out of the city within the first chapter. I’ll try to update regularly, and I’ll see if I can work in a wise old drunk :wink:

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