The Rise of the Ochita [WIP] CHAPTER 6 NOW OUT (60K WORDS) 30-12-2023

Thank you for your kind words! And it is incredible you can track your lineage like that! You are very lucky

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You both carry clouds of fire and destruction with you, disturbing our traditional way of life. The problem is, we cannot stay out of the world for much longer. You came in our world and now we have to live with you.

I cannot decide this matter at once. The whole future of my people depends on it. You shall be our guests for a few days, until I am able to make a decision. Consider this village a neutral place. There shall be no hostilities between the two of you while you’re here.

Hey, I’m thinking this scene was meant to be in quotes.

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You’re right. I will be fixing it in the next update.

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Hey everybody! I know this chapter is taking long but work (one has to earn a living apparently) has been relentless this November. I’m hopeful for a release of the next Chapter sometime in December. It would be a small Christmas gift to all of you who have embarked on this wonderful literary adventure with me and embraced the characters and plot of this game! I will be back with some more news on the new Chapter once I have it. Till then, stay safe!


Good morning from rainy Greece! Progress is about 50 per cent and speeding up so that I can make the release some time before Christmas. I am also working on some new artwork that I would like you to see and a new portrait coming up for the leader of the Hagots, Pieskaret. Stay tuneddddd!!!


I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas!!! Wishing you all health, happiness, joy and a great time with loved ones! I’m currently finishing the last scene of the chapter and planning to fix some coding issues for a release before the New Year.

Spoilers ahead :

It’s not the biggest Chapter I have written, but it takes you back to your village. Chance to find out Sagoyewatha’s sinister plans and face your Nemesis. Or perhaps visit the Shaman for some advice on your visions. Visit your father’s burial site and greet him farewell and find the chance to come even closer to the people you love most. All in the latest update, Chapter 6 : “Return of the Prodigal Son”

Καλά Χριστούγεννα!


Drum rolllssssss!!! CHAPTER 6 IS NOW OUT!!!

A new thrilling adventure awaits as you rush back to your village. Talk to the Shaman, bid farewell to your kin, prepare for the inevitable!

Will you survive? Will you plan your revenge? Play the new Chapter and find out. As always, thanks for everyone’s support and patience. The new update brings the total word count to around 60k words. I will be waiting for your feedback and potential bugs I have missed. Let me know if you liked it! Polls will follow…and as a bonus I have added the portrait of Pieskaret, the leader of the Hagots.


I just want to send everyone my happy new year wishes!! May 2024 bring you all what you asked for, health first and foremost, and hopefully it will see this project completed and the grand finale is of your liking!


Ok everyone, time for our first poll of 2024!
I am trying to figure out how much of a difficulty the attack scenes pose on the players and so adjusting the success bar for each choice is crucial to making the game compelling and challenging.
Warning : Spoilers included!

Did you survive Sagoyewatha’s attack?
  • Of course
  • Not really, but I did after I replayed the scene
  • Nope…still stuck on that point
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Second poll with regards to the route you chose at the end of the Chapter… That is, judging by your previous responses, if you made it alive…


What path did you choose to follow at the end of Chapter 6?
  • Hagot diplomacy route
  • New York route
  • Shamanism route
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So will we work with George Washington again? Also will there be a sequel to book that might cover the American revolution?


I don’t want to spoil anything but yes, in a certain path George Washington will make yet another guest star appearance in the next chapter.

To be honest, I have considered the idea of a sequel. But it all depends on the reception this one has after it is completed.

I hope you find it of your liking thus far!


I am liking this so far, there’s not really a lot of books out here that is about the Americas, and as a American I just like stories that do cover the Americas because I feel more connected to that story then stories that cover regions like Europe or Asia in their stories


Status update for the next Chapter…The first out of three parts is ready…

In the vastness of the untamed south, where the secrets of the earth whisper on the wind, a journey unlike any other awaits. You have chosen to traverse the wilds, to uncover the ancient mysteries held close by the Southern Shamans. But what will you uncover in the depths of the sacred caverns and the endless expanse of the desert?

Who is the enigmatic shaman, a man who moves with the grace of the hawk, soaring above the desert sky, only to vanish like a mirage before your very eyes? And who is Aiyana, the mysterious and enchanting presence whose beauty rivals the moon’s gentle glow?

In this land of shadows and light, can they truly alter your fate and set you on a new course? Will the echoes of the past and the visions of the future guide you to the truth of your soul, or will they lead you into the heart of the storm that rages within?

Find out in Chapter 7!


Hello everybody! Due to personal issues I have put a halt on the development of the second route of Chapter 7. I will get back on my feet soon enough hopefully and start working on it again. Thank you all for your patience and support! I don’t know if it’s going to be a few weeks or a couple of months but this project means a lot to me and I’ll get right back to it as soon as I can.