The Rise of the Ochita [WIP] CHAPTER 5 OUT (51K WORDS) 27-08-2023

Thank you for your kind words! And it is incredible you can track your lineage like that! You are very lucky

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You both carry clouds of fire and destruction with you, disturbing our traditional way of life. The problem is, we cannot stay out of the world for much longer. You came in our world and now we have to live with you.

I cannot decide this matter at once. The whole future of my people depends on it. You shall be our guests for a few days, until I am able to make a decision. Consider this village a neutral place. There shall be no hostilities between the two of you while you’re here.

Hey, I’m thinking this scene was meant to be in quotes.

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You’re right. I will be fixing it in the next update.

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Hey everybody! I know this chapter is taking long but work (one has to earn a living apparently) has been relentless this November. I’m hopeful for a release of the next Chapter sometime in December. It would be a small Christmas gift to all of you who have embarked on this wonderful literary adventure with me and embraced the characters and plot of this game! I will be back with some more news on the new Chapter once I have it. Till then, stay safe!


Good morning from rainy Greece! Progress is about 50 per cent and speeding up so that I can make the release some time before Christmas. I am also working on some new artwork that I would like you to see and a new portrait coming up for the leader of the Hagots, Pieskaret. Stay tuneddddd!!!