The Rightful Heir (WIP) [Minor Update 6/3]



I chose a different option and the demo ended shortly after anyways.


There’s a bug when you try to give a false name.


Does it also happen if you give your real name or not answer?


Nope, but there are about only two more pages then the demo ends.


Giving your real name works not sure about no answer.


It works. Almost the same result as giving your real name.


I love this game!:+1::grinning: can’t wait for the next update!


This is really good! I love the “returning prince/princess” thing, honestly anytime I read it. I can’t wait until everything is finished.


Really want to see more of this, It hurts to see such a good piece get very little content added beyond the Defining Moment in the Stories Beginning


Ahh, I actually really like this! Find myself trying more and more outcast!royalty novels, so I’m just gonna add this to my growing list of demos to watch out for, haha! Looking forward to finding out why Ava hates the MC, and romancing Alec >_<


By the way, this popped up when I tried to give a false name to Richard:


Please, Your Grace, she’s my good friend," Alec starts pleading. Lord Arthur puts his hand on the boy’s shoulder, trying to comfort him.

“Very well,” King Charles’s lips curl into a smile as he looks between you and Alec. “… may stay here for a week, because I know your father will protect him no matter what.”

!Carefull of he/she branching!



  • Grammar mistakes and typos are fixed. There still can be some of them left though. (I really need a good beta tester, I guess :smile:)
  • Some new choices are added.
  • ROs character descriptions are added to stats screen.


I REALLY ABSOLUTELY LOVE this game and I am patiently awaiting more!:+1::grin::smile::ok_hand:


This is an absolutely amazing story thus far. I have been hooked to this story and very excited to see how the story progresses with a very talented writer as the author.


WOW! The story has alot of potential.It reminds me of The Great Tournament.


I can see that only female RO has/had lovers… but male RO has/had no lovers. Why is that???


Please please please update!!! I love your work!


Damn. This is making me to want it more.


I know you mean good, but we can’t pressure them to update. Great stories take time to finish. :slight_smile: