The Righteous Adventures of Drazen


In this (possible) choicescript adventure, one man stands alone preachin’ the riteous truth about what works in progress are altogether not good. No misspelling miscreant can avoid his fury, no historically inaccurate bullfeces are safe from his commendable schema. No fool gonna stand a chance when @Drazen shows up. No man is as adept as he when crusading acrost the ChoiceOfGames forums, spreading all the goodness one can imagine. I would say that it won’t go off on a creepy, erotic fanfiction tangent, but I make no promises (what happens at three in the morning stays at three in the morning). Unintelligent people beware! There’s a new sheriff in town.






Oh dear …




Will Righteousness and Englishness be folded into one stat, or will they be separate?




Unintelligent people? I personally prefer the word nescient…


I need this game XD


Hosted Game material for sure


"no historically inaccurate bullfeces are safe from his commendable schema. "

Considering I’ve seen Drazen suggest that the Japanese appointing Pu Yi as a puppet (in a Manchuria that was mostly Han Chinese, and where Qing monarchism was looooong out of date) was a *good* idea… might wanna rework that!



@Turtler I regret nothing!


I’m sorry, I couldn’t take the riteous title anymore. Oh it causes me pain even to type riteous. Righteous, righteous, righteous. Drazen would never enage in a riteous adventure.

@Drazen Are you okay with the content of this thread? It looks like it’s skirting close to the harassment line, but since you’ve been posting being amused by it I figured you didn’t want it locked.


I’m surprised nobody has asked about romance choices yet.


@FairyGodfeather I have no qualms. Fret not.


@Drazen what about me like romance interest? All that you hate in a women inteligent, sarcasm, dont want be jailed at home and loves poison. Im perfect for the job


Or me as romance option! oh wait…


Which stat will be used to determine if you survive @Marajade’s poisoning attempts? Righteousness? or Englishness?


@Cataprak englishness i love english culture and accent ^^


How about just Obstinacy, @Cataphrak? Die Welt ist Mein Wille!