The Residence of Reeker Hill (WIP)

I usually avoid horrors cause I’m a scaredy cat but this one is an exception. I just hope this don’t take the “none of it was real, you’re just a psycho on mental,” route. Cause those kind of endings disappoint me for some reason.

But hey this your story, your rules. Good luck.

Leo has mentioned before that he hopes to write a story that is open to interpretation so your MC is only a delusional psycho if you assume they are. :slight_smile:


Oh, okay, then I’ll just assume that it was all real or that we have the same condition as the MC from Saya no Uta.

I’m not the only one that’s getting a Saya no Uta vibe here, right? I’m alone? Okay…

I mentioned the similarities to Saya No Uta before, several posts back… :wink:

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Huzzah a man of culture.

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