The Residence of Reeker Hill (WIP)

You’d fit right at home with a particular stalker in my other work in progress :joy:

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Raven would have some catching up to do though… :wink:

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Hey don’t bash your preference for romance. There can never be enough romance! Just keep doing what you’re doing.


horror and romance?? sign me up my dude :clap::eyes:
I’ve only played the demo but I’m already so paranoid about everyone lol I’m very interested in seeing where does the story lead, good work!

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I definitely will! Haha :slight_smile:

That’s what I thought!

I’m currently in the works outlining the rest of the cast. So far there will be 7 romance paths: The Gardener, The Maid/Butler, The Cook, The Elusive Servant, The Failed Actor/Actress, The Salacious Twins, and The Nightmare. Currently I’ve only introduced three, but the rest I plan to introduce in fairly quick succession, but I don’t want to throw a crap ton of names out at once and expect people to get it.
Let me know what you think of the RO ideas. Each one has a purpose for being in the residence, all of which include trauma and loss, leading to them eventually derailing off course and losing their way in life much like the main character. :slight_smile:


I do not typically enjoy reading books that contain horror in it but I really enjoy this. I was hesitant to check this out at first but than I thought to myself “Hey this person is working on Triaina Academy and I really enjoyed reading that so why not look at this WIP as well?” And so far I have not been disappointed keep up the great work Leo and I am excited to see more WIP’s from you in the future. :grin:

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Finally a good answer to the age-old question: okay, but can i smooch in this horror game?

Anyway, I’m super invested already - the premise and the way it was written was super interesting. I really don’t know if these guys are genuine monsters (like the chef being a cannibal and feeding you human flesh) or if it’s just part of the MC’s ‘imagination’. Both are equally as plausible. Both might even be true… I’m p sure both are true.

(I’m also lowkey curious as to why they couldn’t find anything wrong with MC’s mental health considering… everything, rly)

And as a somewhat of a horror fan - the gore parts were pretty well written, it didn’t drag on for so long that it became silly or be too vague.

All in all, a great WIP and I’m excited to see what happens next… and also I really wanna meet the Nightmare, that sounds like the worst kind of fun

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To be fair I don’t think the characters we meet are aware of our… “condition”. The only ones who knew were our parents and they kicked us out, plus the trip to Reeker Hill could have been a long one so we may be far away from that life now. When you interact with the chef you get to ask what kind of meat is in the sandwich and whether or not they heard something odd… nothing really that suspicious other than us coming across as an awkward, maybe shy individual. For now.

Yeah, maybe I phrased it weird, but I meant that it was strange that the therapy and medical exams that MC went to didn’t find anything wrong with them.

It could be that MC didn’t tell about all the gory bits, but you’d think that having constant nightmares and even daymares would warrant something other than “eh, nothing’s weird here” even if the cause is supernatural or w/e

Huh. I honestly don’t remember reading anything about therapy or medical exams… maybe I just forgot. I thought the MC’s parents simply (and irresponsibly) thought they could handle someone with a severe mental condition on their own… when they obviously couldn’t. And after several years of failed attempts they just had enough and kicked the MC out of their home and lives like yesterday’s trash.

I mean… even if nothing showed in the medical exams, unless the person in question is an extremely convincing liar and actor, someone would surely find it odd. And if you’re a trained professional you can almost always tell when someone’s pretending. Even nowadays, we can find cases of people that go to the doctor because they feel ill, they do several exams and they all come back false. Then one day they die of “mysterious circumstances” and only afterwards a proper diagnose is made.

I know things are probably this way because it moves the plot forward… suspension of disbelief and some such. But I still can’t help but wonder.

Yeah, it’s easy to forget since at the time your dad is kicking you out, but it’s said that your mom also believes you’re using nightmares as excuses “after numerous therapy sessions and medical examinations came back with no evidence of anything out of the ordinary.”

Which naturally got me curious, since… everything about that just seems strange, considering MC’s having daymares quite a lot (at least during the game). And when they apply for a job, other people notice them acting weird.

But yeah, if thing did get figured out there probably wouldn’t be a game so… suspension of disbelief (or something more going on with the unreliable narrator thing).

The parents believe he’s faking it so he can keep living off their backs like a leech. They think him acting weird near other people is just another facade so anyone who’d give him an opportunity (job, relationships, etc) re-thinks their decision; basically, he’s scaring and pushing everyone away by “pretending” to be crazy.

To the parents, if every exam and therapy session comes up as false-positives then the problem lies with him. He’s a “lazy and spoiled man-child” who’s has been “exploiting them” and they had enough.

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That was creepy, off-putting, fresh, interesting, and fun as hell. I loved it!

Also, the save system seems to be broken.

Thank you for loving it! The save system should be fixed now :slight_smile:


I got this error “Non-existent variable ‘the_butler’” in all the options except the last one


Whoops! Yeah, should be fixed now :slight_smile:


Oh! that’s the end so far. Actually, you weren’t supposed to see that part since the choices are unfinished heh…Whoops. Sorry about that! I hope you enjoyed what there was :slight_smile:

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First it’s
“Nightmares that haunt you throughout the night and into the day”
then suddenly you can " starting to get used to them, perhaps even enjoy them"
I’m confused.

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You’re right, the transition is a bit too fast. I’ll tweak some stuff later. Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile: