The Red Ink: Joining Reapers (WIP)

You’re a former officer in the New York Police Department. As a police officer you’re tasked to infiltrate most dangerous gang in New York for gaining information.

There’s only one rule for you: Do not fall in love with any of them.

MC can be male or female and their sexuality can be straight, lesbian, gay or bisexual.

Chapter 1 will be ready in a week or so.

Thanks for your attention.


[quote=“Muran, post:1, topic:28834”]
There’s only one rule for you: Do not fall in love with any of them.
[/quote]I could only imagine how pissed the boss would be at this…

Does this happen often enough that it warrants a rule? :blush:


It’s just a warning for your MC :smiley: but you better not piss him off…

If there’s one rule I learned from 80’s action and buddy cop movies, it’s to not make the chief angry.


Sounds good I actually thought we was a reaper

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You will be one of them to gain information

Oh awesome can’t wait to be a reaper is there consequences to not killing who yiur ment to

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Something tells me it’ll be impossible not to fall in love HAHA! looking forward to your first chapter!


Well, Reapers are very attractive and I’m sure one of them will be your type :smile:

Says a gang but

Confused me…

So, Are reapers - the death bringer reapers or a criminal gang/organisation

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It’s the name of gang :smiley:

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