The Realm of Steel (Permanently Closed)

I’ve begun work on my first game, The Realm of Steel. In it, you play a knight who has lost everything. Your home, your friends, your family… and maybe yourself. But somewhere within you burns the desire for more… to give power to the oppressed and unify The Realm of Steel! Will you become Lord of the Realm?
There are many ways to unification: Will you stay true to your roots and win the throne through honorable combat? Or will you turn your back on your morals and build a League of Assassins, eliminating both public and private enemies? Or maybe you just want to win yourself a castle and retire to the manor life. Then again, that is not what the voices of the mad gods want you to do… The choice is yours!

Currently it’s at about 30,000 words, and thats it!

To play the demo, go here:

Update Log

-9/11/2020 First demo released
-9/12/20 Working stats screen now,both gender and various stats work now, fixed typos, a few more choices added as well (at the beginning updates will be quick and small, but will eventually come as larger, slower updates)
-9/13/2020 Revamped stats screen, added inventory and more goodies. Much more story now, more options, more branches. Wait… did I just die. Yep. You can die now. Plus, the first puzzle! Good luck Steel Brothers!
-9/14/2020 Additional character customization added. Gender choice is updated and fully functional. Additional choices written. Several hidden goodies. (Note: none of this will appear in the demo yet, as I am waiting to update the link until after I finish writing the prologue)
-9/16/20 More backstory created. Gender choice implemented. Character design implemented. Relationships in stats screen implemented. Lore implemented. Typos, bugs, miscellaneous fixed.Another 1,500 words (including code) added.
-9/20/20 Another 3000 words added. Bandit scene is mostly completed. Typos and bugs fixed. Added more to stats screen.
-9/21/20 Added a difficulty setting, which has effectively doubled my word count. Fixed various typos and bugs, reworked stats (again ugh). Changed MC’s age to 14, 8 was not working with the situation at hand. Rewrote the opening scene, removing future talk. Many, many changes added to easy mode.
-9/22/20 No update yet, but I added about 1000 words, mostly just extra choices in bandit battle. Fixed some stats. To small to garner a link update, so I didn’t.
-9/23/20 Link is updated. Achievements page added. 1500 more words. New stat adjustments added. Various lore tidbits and choices added. Stat checks are a bit nicer (I couldn’t beat my own game)
-9/25/20 No link update yet. At the first major branch, one choice is fully coded, adding another 1000 words or so. Should have Chapter 1 fully completed by Sunday night.
-9/27/20 I went crazy tonight, added almost 6,000 words. Chapter 1 is done! First major branch is coded. Various bugs and typos fixed. Stats redone a little bit. Two new fight scenes, about 15-20 more choices.
-9/30/20 Added about 2000 words tonight. Added some achievements. Reworked stats a little. Leave valor option was updated.
-10/2/20 Added various dialogue options, 1000 words ish
-10/3/20 Huge philosophical debate that you take part in (1500 words). Also serves to introduce the main three religions of The Realm of Steel.
-10/7/20 Made it possible to access debate. Added 1000 words in various areas.
-10/10/20 Added 2500 words, a few stat changes, added the maps but they don’t work yet.
-10/17/20 Added a ton more. Fleshed out a few village scenes, added more to both branches of chapter 2, began buildup cycle
-10/26/20 Revamped stat screen, 3000+ words added, final update before true core of story
-11/8/2020 The actual final update before the core of the story. 10000+ words. Bandit scene mostly done
-11/29/20 Death issue is now rectified, 3000+ words added. Slight revisions to stat screen and various other bug fixes
-12/6/20 2000+ words, lots of unfinished scenes. Stats page overhauled to a new, more fluid system. More words added to both save and leave valor branch.
-12/21/2020 Chapter 1 rewrite
-1/15/2021 Thats all folks! Thanks to all who gave me their time.


-Nothing terribly graphic, but there is violence

Thats all folks!

To glorious victory or honorable death!


Found this when I chose right

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I read Lord valor as Lord Vader lol :grin:.


From what’s written so far, I’m looking forward to more of your writing! :smiley:

After the name selection, it reads “Your name is ____, one of the last things you stil have from your parents.” I think “stil” is supposed to be “still”?

Code stuff for the direction choices:

The Right choice error that was posted can be solved by either using things like *goto and *label or else putting this in your variable creation section of your startup file to use Implicit Control Flow:

*create implicit_control_flow true

Which makes choices and other statements much easier and efficient! :smile:

I chose straight and selected “Play again”, but it throws an error:

Given what the message and the page says, I’m not sure if this is in your files or else something else in the background? This one is a little out of my scope as an also newbie ChoiceScript coder sorry :worried:

Also when I choose left and click “Next Chapter” after the Emma line, I think it’s getting stuck in an infinite loop. Looking at your code, I think this might be because that choice has a *finish in it, and is trying to go to the next file (“variables” in this case), but if you haven’t uploaded that, then it has nothing to go to. If that’s the case, if you remove the *finish and either use implicit flow control or *goto the ending instead, that should fix that.

I hope that helps! :blush:


@TylertheTiger02 at this time there just isn’t anymore code.
@parkerlyn fantastic tip with the implicit control! I will add that tonight. I need to switch *ending for *finish for all three options, thats all I have written right now. I hoped to have the full prolouge up last night, but after spending literally 6 hours and figuring out how to let you choose your name, I was done :joy:
@Fardil_Husain Hahaha noooo he’s the good guy!


Hi ! I think I found a mistake. Such an error occurs after we choose our gender as a man.

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@ResulEkremKaya Thanks! I was missing one letter :pensive: should be good now!

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Thank you for your reply. The same problem continues.

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@ResulEkremKaya I played with the code some more. I believe now it should work.


Thank you for your interest. It works flawlessly right now.

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Something to take notes, when you meet your friend she say that your father sent her to get you and she just leave, then when Lord Valor ask you name and you stutter he just doesn’t care anymore, for a beloved and kind lord thats doesn’t seem like something to do.

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I’m glad it works now!

@AstinFamily Yeah, I know its still a little raw. I just needed to get something down on paper, but I will of course go back and flesh out the characters and makes some choices/scenes less clunky.


Oh, not a problem it’s just when you write sometime you could forget about old stuff because of a mind full of idea


The stat screen is really good can’t wait to play.


@Nosteponsnek Thanks! I hope to make stat development an important part of the game, so I’m glad you like it so far!


Major update out tonight (see update log for details). If anyone would mind looking at my code and telling my why my *goto_scene death is not working, i’d be much obliged. Have fun!

Minor typo. It should be enemy instead of nemy.

So far its intriguing. Sorry about the code though, cant help you there.


Typo is fixed. Thank you!


This line feels a bit off. “My best friend Virginia” should suffice imo.

Another typo. Phoenix instead of Pheonix.
That’s all I was able to find.


Haha for the first part I was doing Ctrl+c and Ctrl+V all over the place. Missed a spot on cleanup :joy:
Thanks for the heads up!

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