The Realm of Steel 10/26/20 Demo Update (Poll on post 70)

Slowly but surely! New update out, puts total word count at about 25.5k. chapter 2 is now officially underway, I’ve started building to main event in both branches of the story. As always, feedback is appreciated! Specifically for this time, what do you think of Ciarda? Happy reading!


This confused me at 1st because the game is listed gender choice/ non binary inclusive. Then I actually checked out the demo and saw that there was actually a gender choice. Maybe you could edit your description to:
" you play a knight who has lost everything. Your home, your friends, your family… and maybe yourself. But somewhere within you burns the desire for more… to give power to the oppressed and unify The Realm of Steel!"

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I need more puzzles !!! It’s the easiest way to increase stat and we only have one, unacceptable

Great advice! I will change that promptly.

I’m actually almost done with two more puzzles in Chapter 2, I’m just working out the kinks and balancing them. But fear not! They are coming… (Maybe next update? No promises :joy:)

New update pushed out: Added 1000 words ish and just a bunch of minor fixes mainly. Spent a few hours rewriting sections and catching spelling, grammar, all that good stuff. So not a ton of new content, but it should just overall read more easily. (@Manaxaggd puzzles still aren’t working as they are supposed to, so no more puzzles. Yet :sweat_smile:)

Edit: @Mistyleaf123 Duly noted! I’ll go back tonight and check for any additional gender errors :grin:

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great game! like the update, but there’s a few gender typos

i’m a female, but it sometimes says i’m male: Beside me stands MC, the Phoenix." At this, most of the room gasps. "He is mine, a slave to my will. Anyone, and I do mean anyone… will suffer. Let Necros, my lover, be an example unto all of you."

there is more at the beginning, i think :sweat_smile:

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Just a tidy little update. Added maybe 300 words, but I fixed various gender issues/typos/awkward sentences.

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I have to say that some of the world-building in this is just absolutely fantastic! The creation myth of Alatala in particular was incredibly well done. The way Alatala creates the first human is reminiscent of many actual creation myths that I’ve read and therefore just feels more genuine.

Regardless, the idea that a god (maybe?) bestows life to something by giving up a part of their own life essence is a really cool idea! What I like even more is the idea that with each new human Alatala grows weaker, therefore causing the humans that he created to lose faith in him and his existence. The dark irony of giving up so much of one’s self only to be forsaken by the people who you have sacrificed for because you sacrificed for them is deeply interesting and moving.


@T_Chaney I’m glad you liked it! I absolutely love ancient mythologies (Greek, Hindu, various Native American, not too mention some of the more modern ones), and I draw much of my lore from real beliefs.


Spoilery ish

hint hint nudge nudge

This will be a huge theme throughout the story, so I’m glad you picked up on it so early!

Poll time! I plan to implement two puzzles soon, but as to what is up to you. I have… 6 now? Maybe 7? Which are you most interested in?

  • Riddle
  • Something with math
  • Detective-style explore the room
  • Word play
  • Logic
  • Guessing

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Let me know! And I hope you are having fun!


Alrighty, here’s another update for y’all. Added… hmmm, I’m not quite sure, I don’t remember what I had uploaded in the last update. At least 3000 words, probably closer to 4000+. Revised stat screen, and in general just continued the story. This was the final update before we get into the important/meaningful/actually fun part of the game. As always, feedback is appreciated (specifically for this update: thoughts on King Cortar anyone?), and enjoy!

Edit: One thing I should mention, next update might not be for awhile. Early college apps are due this Sunday, and also I want to complete a large chunk of the next section before releasing it. Just a heads up :grin:

Edit 2: @Manaxaggd hahaha I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I had the place I wanted to put them in, but it didn’t really flow. So now the puzzle(s) are in a better spot. Stay tuned


Ok :+1:

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I’m waiting puzzles in despair and all kind of negative emotions

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Love it! Can’t wait to manage my castle!

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Alright, time for some community input! Here’s the setup:

Power Reference

Healing- like it sounds
Vigor- gives you and your companions a physical and mental boost
Maelstrom- basically elemental control
Fury- you get real mad and your strength/ fighting ability increases exponentially
Necromancy- zombies! (to include animals and basically anything else that once was alive)
Hellstorm- you control a demon

You are trying to convince a group of bandits to join your cause by impressing them with your magic. There are 6 magics, each with two different options. So 12 total paths (but not all are successful). But there is so much more you could do with your powers, but I don’t particularly want to write anything that no one will pick. So, the question: What would you do with your specific power to sway the bandits to your side?

@hydra those are already the two heal options :sweat_smile:

Stab a bandit and heal them. Or stab myself and heal.