The Rangers Domain - A Flight Of Power [Feedback Needed!]


Hello Everyone! As some of you know, I was working on a game known as Shadow Heart - Obsidian, but alas, the title was rushed, and the story didn’t seem overall, professional, I have rewritten most of the content other than the introduction and renamed it to a title that better suits it, the dropbox link hasn’t changed, but if you don’t know it already, here it is.

I’ve been working on it for a while, but not everything i’ve been working on have been added to this version, so please be patient, and if a moderator could delete my “Shadow Heart - Obsidian” forum post, that would be appriciated, since there’s really no reason for it to be out there.
Anyway, as the title suggests, I need feedback for this, so please after trying out the game, comment on things I should add/any grammar errors, etc.
Also, to everyone that send me a personal message asking to beta test, don’t worry, i’m working on the beta test feature, and will send you a code once it’s completed.
Well, that’s it, I hope you enjoy the game, and once it’s completed, I plan to submit it to Choice Of Games.


This game has alot of potential and i think you can do good on it. By chance, was the hacha hacha dancer (what got you into trouble) a reference to Rangers Apprentice?


You got it dead on, and thanks for the positive feedback.


YAAAAAAY I <3 that series


So do I, I haven’t finished it though, just got through the seventh book.


I know this is off-topic but you read it to?


Yeah, loving the series so far.


So am I…Even though I forgot which one I am on…I know it is after the drug(Firesomething I think) effect wear off of his mind


Warmweed, and that’s the end of book 4 I believe, after Icebound Lands.


Yea thats is it(I am wondering if it going to show up in this game) also thanks for telling me what book I am past


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The best I can do is reference Ranger’s Apprentice, I can’t actually include elements from it, because then I get sued o.o
Here, i’m actually somewhat promoting the series, not plagerising.


I can get that…*1 minute later*…I have booked marked EVERY last topic.Ok now I am doing posting of topic
Also I was joking somewhat but I would laugh if something like it appears


Daisuke a lot of potential but it needs a longer demo


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Yea, the vanilla forums are really buggy. I hit the Mark All Viewed button once a while ago, and now anytime anyone pulls out some thread necromancy, the forum decides that I never viewed anything in that discussion. Plus they still don’t seem to ever want to point me at the correct ‘oldest unread’ post, so I always end up having to count off posts to make sure I’ve read it all.

@Daisuke I locked the old thread for you (and put a note on the first post). I personally hate to delete anything unless necessary.




The slate where the man is explaining things to you in the cave needs some better spacing.

P.S. How did you get your health bar to show on the main game page?


I know, i’m working on it, and do:
–text Health
at the start of the new paragraph, then continue.


a little late but the rangers apprentice series rocks …got all the books >:D<