The Race For Revenge (Interest Check)

Summary: You’re 18 years old boy/girl who is living with your father. Your father is a police who is trying to stop illegal street racing. One day, he accidentally got killed by one of the racers. After that day, you have sworn revenge.

That’s why you decided to join them and get your revenge.

You can choose your character’s gender and sexuality.

What do you think about it?


So, we’re the bad guy in this?

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The one who wants to get revenge from racers

By getting our revenge, does this include being manipulative with them? Like making them goes against each other and whatnot? And by revenge, do you mean by “killing” revenge or “making their lives worse” revenge?


Making their lives worse

Are mc know who kill his/her/their dad?

I’m always up for a revenge story :wink:

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Interesting idea, will your mother be involved as well?

Sounds cool is there romance

Nice! So what’s the point of conversation.

Sounds intriguing, but the world of fast cars, or motorcycles and equally fast cute guys is alluring and seductive and I wonder if the mc might not simply be drawn in and corrupted along the way. :thinking:
Though I am always up for a good revenge story.

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I do love revenge stories

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