The protecter of your child

Can be male or female but with short temper and looking after you son or daughter you choose in a zombie apocalypse survivors scavenge for food water fual romance the character can have children


That’s a very… discombobulated run-on sentence.

Zombie Games are cool, I’m fine with having a kid to look after if it’s part of the story.


I like the idea, a small child to take care of would definitely be interesting and intense.
Mybe with the romance options having different opinions or relationships with the son/daughter (they like them, they hate kids,they are not good with kids but willing to try for you).

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I would just hope that the author of such a game would be an actual parent in real life. Yes, we all sometimes write about things we haven’t experienced ourselves, but I think it would be very difficult to write about this material effectively unless you have experienced raising a child firsthand.

First thing popped into mind was the last of us

Made me think of


This might just be me but I’d just dump the little kid somewhere.
Aint nobody got time for that


I might put that as a choice lol


@Harley_Robin_Evans First of all the summary sentence is very vague… Second of all, if you did put “Dumping your child” mentioned by @P0RT3R as a choice, aren’t you throwing away what makes your story different from other zombie apocalypse stories!!!
I don’t know what to think of the story as yet. A lot of people are going to compare it to another up and coming game called Zombie Exodus: New Haven so please add something different and original in your story. Sorry if I’m coming off as rude or blunt I’m just trying to give you an honest opinion.

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

??? I don’t understand.

I wish there was more post apocalyptic wip’s (like after nukes and mutants)

Me and alex are trying to put up something like pevious post said. I’ll create a thread when I have the begining of the demo finished.

I mean the prologue not the begining of the demo well I mean the prologue is the begining you know what I mean

I’m still very confused. Is this a game idea? Who is Alex? What does that have to do with anything in this thread? It case it wasn’t clear my previous posts in this thread were to convey a sense of bewilderment.

You said you wish there was a game about mutants and life after a nuculear type of explosion or something so I was ansering that question for you and aloxclifford1994 is the guy I’m refering to acording to what the forms say he allready has a game that he’s made befor for choice of games.

@adamthecowdog No I didn’t.@SheaMcD Said that

If you did dump your child, might that choice, depending on how you treated them thusfar, they reappear later in the story to help you, get revenge, or as a zombie? That way they might not be removed completely, but if this does become an option, it shouldn’t be one you can choose anywhere near the beginning.

Also, in regards to the outbreak itself, would this be a generic, zombies just appeared, or will there be in depth backstory to how it occurred?

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I can already see the great grammar in this game, the authors charismatic typing is obviously inspired by Shakespeare, woe as us!!!