"The Price of Freedom" Title Poll

I can never seem to make up my mind when it comes to titles. :persevere:

Now that POF is almost ready for submission, I’ve been having a lot of doubts about what name to publish the game under. The original title of the game is, “The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost” and originally, my plan was to publish three installments of the game, all with subtitles. IE:

The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost
The Price of Freedom: Brothers in Arms
The Price of Freedom: Paid in Blood

I have noticed though, that on CoG/HG, the majority of games don’t use subtitles for the first installment in the series, and only use subtitles for the sequels. IE:

The Price of Freedom
The Price of Freedom: Brothers in Arms
The Price of Freedom: Paid in Blood

I’m really unsure which of these options to go for. Or, alternatively, whether to get rid of the subtitles altogether and just number them instead. IE:

The Price of Freedom
The Price of Freedom 2
The Price of Freedom 3

Could you all do me a massive favor and vote on which set of titles you think would be best?

  • Use subtitles for all three of the installments.
  • Don’t use a subtitle for the first installment, but use them for the sequels.
  • Don’t use subtitles at all. Number the games instead.

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The subtitle names all sound really good, especially Innocence Lost


Honestly @Avery_Moore, it comes down your own preference. If you feel like that title works for you, you don’t need to change just cause the other COG/HG don’t add a subtitle. I personally feel like that subtitle works, especially since it might attract potential readers.


Or perhaps use both numbers and subtitles?

The Price of Freedom 1: Innocence Lost
The Price of Freedom 2: Brothers in Arms
The Price of Freedom 3: Paid in Blood


I like the idea of subtitles but bear in mind there’s a max title length for published games due to restrictions on some platforms. I think it’s around 30 characters. It’ll still run but generate quicktest errors.

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it already looks perfect :smiley:

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Great game! Good titles. I love subtitles but tbh I find the overrall title a bit too long. If this game is released people will remember it as the Price series. Kinda cool tho

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@Avery_Moore, also keep in mind that CoG might make title tweak suggestions to you based on their marketing experiences. Also, I think most all of those full titles with subtitles would exceed the 30-character Android limit.

For example, CCH on Apple “Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power” but on Android it is simply “Community College Hero.”


These are the titles I would go with.

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