The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Complete)



I’m not quite sure yet. It’s something I’ll definitely have to think about. :thinking:


As always, I like to play the ruthless bloodthirsty route… Gerda and I are kindred spirits. Lil bro didn’t like that I changed and, as a bad ass gladiator, I’m getting tired of his whining. Might have to “accidentally” kill him in the arena. Or just outright turn on him. It’ll be a great way to make a name for myself!
I usually don’t like the stat bars that pit two stats against each other, but I think a “ruthless/kind” one would fit in well here. At least when it comes to enjoying the killing.

But I wanna be tall :sob:


Yes, but you’re only 12 at that point. Most of the other girls are older than you.

Meanie! :scream:


Hey wasn’t this already posted in


Yes, and now it’s coming out here, which is a significant improvement.


Yep, but this version is quite a bit longer. :blush:


I just finished it and I love love LOVE it, I’m completely pumped for the next part, great job!!

My Endgame


I just wanted to say that I love this game, having been following it off and on for months if not years (if you include the chooseyourstory version).

One quick question. What time period is it meant to be set in? Because its portrayal of Rome’s relations with other cultures of the Mediterranean and Northern Europe seems to combine aspects of multiple eras. Not that there is anything wrong with this - an interesting story, well crafted - and this one is - can justify almost any deviation from fact.


That’s a good question. And I guess the answer is that it’s supposed to be deliberately ambiguous. Your comment about Rome’s relations with other cultures combining aspects of multiple eras is probably because my knowledge of Roman history is pretty much limited to whatever I read on wikipedia. :yum: