The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Complete)



I’m not quite sure yet. It’s something I’ll definitely have to think about. :thinking:


As always, I like to play the ruthless bloodthirsty route… Gerda and I are kindred spirits. Lil bro didn’t like that I changed and, as a bad ass gladiator, I’m getting tired of his whining. Might have to “accidentally” kill him in the arena. Or just outright turn on him. It’ll be a great way to make a name for myself!
I usually don’t like the stat bars that pit two stats against each other, but I think a “ruthless/kind” one would fit in well here. At least when it comes to enjoying the killing.

But I wanna be tall :sob:


Yes, but you’re only 12 at that point. Most of the other girls are older than you.

Meanie! :scream:


Hey wasn’t this already posted in


Yes, and now it’s coming out here, which is a significant improvement.


Yep, but this version is quite a bit longer. :blush:


I just finished it and I love love LOVE it, I’m completely pumped for the next part, great job!!

My Endgame


I just wanted to say that I love this game, having been following it off and on for months if not years (if you include the chooseyourstory version).

One quick question. What time period is it meant to be set in? Because its portrayal of Rome’s relations with other cultures of the Mediterranean and Northern Europe seems to combine aspects of multiple eras. Not that there is anything wrong with this - an interesting story, well crafted - and this one is - can justify almost any deviation from fact.


That’s a good question. And I guess the answer is that it’s supposed to be deliberately ambiguous. Your comment about Rome’s relations with other cultures combining aspects of multiple eras is probably because my knowledge of Roman history is pretty much limited to whatever I read on wikipedia. :yum:


I remember playing this game back on chooseyourownadventure and loving it so much and being super excited that a sequel would be made. I’m glad to see it over here! I replayed through it and still love it just as much as I did the first few times I ever played it!


Is this a full game or no untill chapter ten


This is a full game. It’s intended to be a trilogy.


Oh I see how do you save everyone in the arena


Give me a few minutes and I’ll try to have a guide on how to save everyone, and have great relationships with everyone ready for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have to be good relationships with all


@Harley_Robin_Evans Here it is. with it, you’ll have the best relationships with everyone and Save both Zeru and Gerda.
Oh, and before I forget, this build is focused on strength and intellect

  • choose your gender

  • choose your name

  • I was excited! I waited for months to see the new baby and when he finally arrived, I wanted to play with him straight away!

  • Odysseus, the king of Ithaca. While a skilled warrior, he was most famous for his wits, having come up with the idea for the Trojan horse, which allowed the Greek army to sneak into Troy.

  • He was a blacksmith.

  • I spent most of my free time reading, learning about history and famous Greek legends.

  • I managed to keep myself together. I sat down with my brother and tried to calm him down, promising him that Mama would be okay.

  • Listen at the door with Alexius.

  • I’m not letting him take my brother! I attack the man, trying to break his grip on Alexius.

  • doesn’t really matter what you choose here

  • I promise Alexius that everything will be all right and I’ll look after him no matter what happens.

  • tell the girl that men do cry sometimes

  • I give the bread to Alexius.

  • I’ll start by swabbing the decks. That should be simple enough.

  • try to save the man

  • I don’t want to impress these people. I give the woman a good, sharp kick. That should prove that I’m not as weak as she thinks, and lose their interest at the same time.

  • I’ll have a race with Lula.

  • I’ll try asking him for the water again.

  • The boy needs to learn to stick up for himself. I’ll cheer him on and tell him to fight back.

  • (Intelligence) Rhode is a hypocrite. She might brag about her years in the arena, but she’s never surrendered to an honourable death. I point out as much, no matter what punishment it might get me.

  • I’ll try to find out as much as I can about how to survive in the arena.

  • I tell Alexius not to worry, because I’m going to protect him.

  • I challenge Zeru to a fight.

  • It was just an accident, I concentrate on helping my brother.

  • (Intelligence) There’s a plant that grows in the academy that works as a bandage. I’ll fetch that instead.

  • doesn’t matter what you choose

  • I tell Caecilia the truth about our father selling us.

  • I accept his challenge.

  • I fight aggressively.

  • Forget the risk, I utterly humiliate him!

  • It could be worse. At least we’re kept healthy and well fed. I tell Titus I understand I’m lucky to be here, and I’ll do what it takes to survive.
    Or this
    I don’t think I belong here. Training is one thing, but the truth is, I’m afraid to fight in the arena and I tell Titus as much.

  • I ask Gerda to play.

  • Give Alexius/Lula/Brasus no gifts and give Zeru one gift and Gerda 2 gifts

  • I say it was me.

  • I’m practising fighting with the wooden swords.

  • doesn’t matter what you do

  • (Intelligence) I discuss battle strategies with the group. We just might make it through the battle if we fight as a team.

  • I accept the charm.

  • I tell her I hate her.

  • (Intelligence) I shout out a strategy to my team mates, before getting a weapon of my own.

  • I go for the sica.

  • This girl is my enemy. I need to kill her. (If you spare the little shit, she attacks you later and gives you a -5 to all stats until the end of the battle)

  • doesn’t matter what you choose

  • I need to help Zeru. He’s the strongest member of our team, and I don’t think we can win this fight without him.

  • Well, I have a sword and I know how to use it. I attack the girl head on.

  • There’s no point in standing here waiting, I attack the man first before he can make a move.

  • Fuck that self-righteous bullshit, this man needs to die. (The dude Killed Brasus, fuck him)

  • Poor Brasus is in so much pain. I have to put him out of his misery.

  • “If you’re ever in that much pain, I promise I’ll kill you.”

  • you’ll end up with these stats
    Strength: 25
    Speed: 10
    Accuracy: 0
    Intelligence: 15
    Stealth: 0


Alexius: 50
Lula: 50
Titus: 25
Rhode: 45
Zeru: 30
Gerda: 25
Brasus (Deceased): 15
Caecilia: 20
Septimus: 5

  • and these achievements
    First Impressions: Titus and Rhode are impressed with your skills. (30 points)
    Star Pupil: Titus has noticed your potential. (25 points)
    Medic: You successfully bandaged Alexius’s wound. (25 points)
    No Holding Back: You put Septimus in his place. (25 points)
    Bare Bones: Alexius gave you a gift that will improve your Stealth. (30 points)
    Go Fetch: Lula gave you a gift that will improve your Speed. (30 points)
    Swordplay: Zeru gave you a gift that will improve your Strength. (30 points)
    Straight as an Arrow: Gerda gave you a gift that will improve your Accuracy. (30 points)
    Bookworm: Brasus gave you a gift that will improve your Intelligence. (30 points)
    Arena Hero: Both Zeru and Gerda are alive, thanks to you. (100 points)
    Survivor: You survived your first battle. (50 points)
    Bloodthirsty: You killed three people in your first battle. (50 points)
    Break the Silence: Though he might not show it, Zeru considers you a friend. (30 points)
    Tame the Beast: Gerda actually said something nice to you. (30 points)
    Like Father, Like Son: Septimus was very impressed with your arena debut. (30 points)
    Tender Heart: Caecilia is adamant that she’ll convince her father to set you free. (30 points)
    Friends Forever: Lula loves you and Alexius like you were her family. (30 points)
    Teacher’s Pet: Rhode thinks that you have the potential to become a great gladiator. (30 points)
    A New Mentor: The legendary Taurus Torvus has agreed to train you and Alexius, personally. (30 points)
    My Brother’s Keeper: Together, you and Alexius can take on the world, and win! (30 points)
    Strong as an Ox: You’re one of the strongest students in the academy. (50 points)


I think you mean Gerda. :yum:


Oh shit, you’re right. Thanks for catching that! :smiley:


The key is with the pilum. If either Zeru or Gerda has the pilum during the fight, they will be able to save themselves with it. You just have to save the other one, and they’ll both survive. If you have 15 intelligence or more, you can get Lula to throw the pilum to Gerda. If you have 10 accuracy or more, you can throw the pilum to either Gerda or Zeru yourself. It’s impossible to save Brasus. :cry: