The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Complete)



Wait what?? (20 characters)


Our little buddy the pacifist erasmus? is dead maybe zeeru or the bitchy girl.
We have a talk with our master, his son, daughter , and our teacher and prepare ourselves for the future cue book 2


Wow! This was actually very good! Much better now than it was when I first read it some months ago.

The characterization and internal monologue of the MC is well done, as well as letting us feel the stakes in the arena. Good going, about the only con I can say is it’s length, but that’s all because I wanted to read more. :slight_smile:


I appreciate your opinion but honestly, this is exactly what I was going for. It is possible to complete the game and win by only making moral choices, but it is considerably more difficult. I have seen games before where making a moral choice will always end in a good result, and I didn’t want my game to be like those. It just makes the game much too easy. I wanted to make a game where the choices the player makes are really, really difficult. You can choose to do the right thing every time, but if you do, it might come back to bite you in the ass. :yum:

Do you mean this particular story, or the series as a whole? The MC is 12 by the time that Innocence Lost is over. By the time The Price of Freedom trilogy is over, I’m not sure. I haven’t decided yet. Probably in their 20s (possibly early 30s). :blush:


@GenecoInheritor is right. This game is the full game. It’s part of a trilogy, so there will be more, but not till the next book. :blush:

… I spent way too long trying to figure out who the hell Erasmus is. (I’m guessing Brasus.) :yum:


Awh, thank you so much! Hopefully I can make up for lack of length with the next installment. :grin:


This is only a demo; not 100% of the story


Demos are usually quite short. As stated by the author the game will publish in a couple of months


Actually, this is 100% of the story. At least 100% of Innocence Lost. The story won’t continue until the next game. :yum:

I’m afraid it’ll probably be quite a bit longer than that. My last Hosted Game was published about five months after it was submitted, but I understand there’s quite a big queue of Hosted Games waiting to be published, so it might be longer.


The bright side is you can focus all efforts and prepare the sequels. Better yet, maybe coincidentally, all three books might appear together. Wishful thinking, I know, but it could happen.


It actually is. As said in the header, the first chapter is complete. :slight_smile: The next books are the ones that probably aren’t.


Looking forward to it @Avery_Moore! :grin: I’m particularly interested in how the MC’s brother and the MC’s morality and psychology will be affected by their times in the arena and their brutal training.


I am disappointed that it ended there and also hyped for the next book! internal conflict :weary::cold_sweat:



Will there be romance in the next one?


Yes. (20 chars) :grin:


Excellent! Looking forward to seeing that!


Lol I’m paranoid everything we do will come back to screw us over somehow, right thing or not. I could easily see the little girl dying resulting in someone who knew her having it out for MC or even Lula, depending on who killed her, although I think the circumstances were more understandable in Lula’s case. On the other hand, I doubt anyone would be upset enough about the Gaul dying to bother avenging him.

Also, in the next installments, will there be any references to how past events unfolded? Like who took the blame for stealing the toy, whether you beat Septimus, etc. Stuff like that.


Yes, although I’m not quite sure which events will be referenced. Who has the pendant will definitely be referenced though. :blush:



Provided the MC is successful, Will he or she be bought by wealthy Romans?


Anyway I’m interested in a couple of things

With the the next book i imagine there’s a time jump so will there be the uncomfortable issue of " one night with a gladiator/Gladiatrix that someone else mentioned?
I doubt we’re going to be able to over throw the Roman empire. Or even stop gladiator fights but are we going to be able to become a legendary threat to the modern order in some way?
Will we be able to give a reason you suck speech

Or something epic for a Pacifist to the crowds?

Will we have a “This battle was supposed to kill the MC and their brother” and come out on top for non Pacifists?