The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Complete)



Nope. That’s 'cos I’m a mean, mean person. :grin:


I don’t know if this is a weird thing to say, but I’m kind of hoping that the MC and Alexius will get a chance to meet their father again some time later down the line.

Not because I want to offer him forgiveness (man sold his only link to the woman he loved to a slaver and pretty much damned them into a harsh, deadly life with high risks of dangers), but because I wants him to see what the result of his choices were. Especially if he somehow managed to get a good life and maybe even met another woman and started a family with her. Because seeing how he acted when my MC coolly confronted him with the fact that he was selling both of his own children off into slavery, I can imagine that he’d try to do everything he could to forget that part of his life and pretend it never happened.

So it’d be kind of fun having him meet the reminder of his past, either by knowing that the fighters he has witness are the MC and Alexius even though they are now adults or (if he couldn’t recognize his children, which would be understandable considering how much a child could change physically while growing up) MC casually implying that they know something VERY vital about his past and subtly letting that threat hang over the father’s head.

Other than that, I loved how Lula calls the MC ‘stupid/silly boy/girl’ while you have a good relationship with her. It’s a funny mix when someone calls you something that by the words should be a bit of a insult, but the tone iself suggests otherwise (which I keep imagining is part of the case with her especially when she comes to visit MC if they take the brunt of the punishment in place of both Lula and the brother after the whole stolen toy fiasco ).


Not weird at all. This seems to be a very popular wish which, unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to be able to deliver on. I understand why a lot of people would want the MC to confront their father on but, realistically, the father is a poor man living in a remote village in Greece. There’s really no logical reason that he’d end up in Rome… I do have something else in mind though. :blush:

Yeah, Lula definitely uses insults in a very fond and affectionate manner… Unless she’s talking about Gerda. Then she means every word. :yum:


Update: Great news guys! “The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost” has been completed and submitted to the Hosted Games label. Real massive thanks to; @TinyOnion, @Jumo_004, @Mewsly. @Evan_Dean_Nathanael, @The_Black_Reaper, @Laha, @cookiemonsta, @Hannah_Minger, @Mim and @eXwhYZee for pointing out all those mistakes for me. The game would be a buggy, misspelled mess without you.

I also want to thank everyone else who has given me feedback throughout. You’ve all really encouraged me and motivated me to get everything finished, so thank you so much to all of you! :grin:


And here I was hoping he’d get back on his feet and make enough of a life for himself for the MC to rattle or/and break down said livihood if MC ever chanced to meet him again. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But yeah, I can see why it is likely not going to happen; there are times in a person’s life when they have to go through a particular experience and never truly get any closure from it.

I’m not even going to ask since I’m pretty sure it’d be a major spoiler. But I will say that my curiosity has been peaked by these word and I will enjoy privately guessing what could the possible event be. :thinking:

I don’t know if Lula will be one of the potential ROs, but if she is, I hope she keeps up that form of endearment

Although I wonder how a young child dragged into slavery and raised as a fighter will even come to explore the nature of romantic feelings for another person or even the nature of desire and what that can lead to at times. Or how dangerous such endeavors could potentially be.

I can imagine why. :laughing:

Though I feel like Septimus is going to be a major annoyance for my MC in particular. Not only did he hand that boy his ego on a platter in the mock fight, but I wonder if there may be a chance that Titus beings to favor a male MC more than his own son, things will get more…hectic with regards to jealousy and rivalry on Septimus’ end (which might take a even more dangerous edge if Titus favors a female MC over his own son, which I could imagine would be a bog blow to the ego).

Also congrats on the game getting submitted. :+1:


Congratulations! I’m so glad it’s done, it’s so nice to see a fresher take on the period, and a non-romance driven plot! :smiley:


Congrats on getting the game submitted! :grin:


I rarely use this emoji, but here you go! Hopefully it’ll make up for the lack of encouraging words I (don’t) have.


Will definitely but this game when it becomes available.


She is and she will. :blush:

That… Is certainly a possibility. :yum:

Thank you! :grin:


No need. Innocence Lost is free to play. (My evil plan is to get people hooked on the first installment, then drain all their pennies with the sequels. Mwahahaha!) :smiling_imp:


Now time for you to start book 2


And finish artwork for Lawless Ones. :yum:


How do I load it then?


Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing it coming out on the store! :smile:


How do I download it?


It’s not published yet, I’ve only just submitted it. (Will be a few months before it’s published on HG.) :yum:


Hmmm… It’s not too bad! Some parts were emotional, I’ll give you that! I do think, however, there should’ve been more good moral choices!

I wish there was some way we could play the story without killing anybody without “having to be smart” about it. I’m sorry, but… That’s just NOT okay.

I am still debating on whether to get this when this comes out or not…

Question! How old is the MC by the time this story is done??


Yay! Can’t wait to play the full game!!


Psssst… that was the full game after our first practice round in the arena is going to be the lead in to book 2