The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Complete)



so does that finally mean a save system is added?


Yes :grin: (20 chars)



i’m assuming the middle one is a discount Johnny Cage.


the save system broke for me


Nooooo! Why can’t I get it to work? I have no idea what’s wrong with it. :persevere:


Fun fact: if you’re playing a dashing don game in chrome DO NOT disable additional dialogue popups or it will break the save system.


well shit…


If you do disable them clear your cookies and retry again and Don’t disable them next time.


So I did a playthrough where I refused to fight in the arena, just to see how exactly that would play out.
I thought I was prepared for the angst. I thought I was ready.
curls up in a ball

Also, think I found a bug? No matter how high or low Alexius’s approval is, giving the sun charm to him sets it back to 10, instead of increasing it by 10.


Whoops. Yeah, definitely not meant to do that. :yum:


Yeah, the save system is broken. You need to add the *sm_init back


init… initinit
Sorry, I have deep rooted issues with that word. It all started in the summer of 2k17…


Really enjoying this, pretty much love all characters, and my MC seems do really well in the match, considering she able to save both Zeru and Gerda :smile: (maybe too well since I’ve got Bloodthirsty achievement…) I’m curious of one thing though, do MC going to meet their “father” again?

And like others said, we can't save, this error always show up:

From what I see in others game code, it seems like you have to add *sm_init the_price_of_freedom | 3 in startup.txt (though you have to erase it if you want to quick test(?) it, last time I try it won’t pass the quick test if there sm_init command. Dunno about now though).


How do you save both Zeru and Gerda?


You have to be fast enough to get the pilum and accurate enough to throw it to either one or smart enough to help Lula and Gerda coordinate which will give Gerda the pilum whoever has the pilum won’t die after you get someone the pilum chose to help the person who did not end up with it


Fascinating. The story is amazing. Got my heart beating fast during the intense battle.

It’s graphic. It’s bloody. It’s disturbing. But that’s the reality of gladiator fights and matches the era of when the story is set. I love it, and it pains me that I’ll have to wait for the next installment.


You have to have high intelligence. Then you can tell Lila to get the spear to Gerda. She will then be able to win her own fight. You then go help Zeru and win that fight.


Unfortunately, the *sm_init never worked in the first place. :persevere:


Well, the MC is in Rome and the father is in Greece… But I do have something in mind. :grin: