The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Complete)



I took the screenshot a few days ago so it’s a bit outdated.


He’s bar doesn’t show in the summary page otherwise its shows in the stat screen


Actually, @guardsman000071, you don’t get approval with Rhode by letting Gerda beat up Brasus. In that scenario, you get approval from Rhode by encouraging Brasus to fight back.


Found the mistake. Fixed it now. :blush:


Final stats.

Name: Evelyn
Age: 12
Gender: Female


Strength: 10
Speed: 5
Accuracy: 15
Intelligence: 20
Stealth: 0


Alexius: 45
Lula: 55
Titus: 20
Rhode: 35
Zeru: 30
Gerda: 25
Brasus (Deceased): 15
Caecilia: 20
Septimus: 5


if you want! :joy:
(20 servile characters)


My only regret in my latest playthrough was Putting Brasmus out of his misery because it means I’m not a Pacifist


How did you get everyone to love you?


I should really do a stat/approval guide so that everybody knows how to get the scores they want. :blush:


Somehow I got all achievements


Throughout the entirety of Chapter 2 (primarily) I was 100% sure I’d played this before, and almost quit it. Later on, the game completely strayed from what I’d read before so I kept going.

Realized I’d read “The Gladiator” and felt like something was off but I’ve seen your argument in the thread and I’m glad it was all sorted out. I know it will be a long time but I’m excited for part 2! :grin:


Yeah, I was pretty concerned about that. Luckily though, nobody else has brought it up so far, so hopefully my game won’t be considered a rip-off. :persevere:


Don’t worry, i am sure nobody will consider it a rip-off :slight_smile:


Technically your game existed first so I believe you should be good.


Favorite characters:

and between Caecilia and Septimus, I’m going with Septimus.

My stat for Alexius is pretty low because I played my mc as being a bit of a mean older sister, but she still would look after him in some ways.


I’m just glad the stat for Alexius is finally showing up for once. :yum:


True, but the majority of CoG/HG players wouldn’t have seen the original before, so they wouldn’t know. :yum:


Save system would be nice, I dead (dead?) died and, well, starting over was a bit too much at the time. Perhaps start of each chapter or such? That would suffice and is indeed in a few official releases too, I believe (Tin Star’s approach was awesome, but probably also required a lot of work to get it done).

Different and interesting game, though, making me worry a lot about others than just me. Nicely done (also improved upon the original incarnation, I feel). :blush:


I would like to be able to add a save system for the beta, to make checkig the game easier for beta testers. I’ve seen other games that use save systems where you can save the game at any point… Unfortunately, I have no idea how to implement them. I should really try and figure it out. :persevere:


Same here, utterly clueless! :grin: It’s just that dying can, for me, ahem, kill a game.! :smirk:

Hey, I had to take a stab at that pun, it was armed and coming for me :crazy_face: