The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Complete)



So best case scenario to get ten in each unless you want to really be fancy. I’m going to see if I can only have 1 zero or negative


Nah, you can’t get through the game with ten in each, since some stat checks near the end require at least a 15.


I think it’s best to have speed and intelligence since if you have enough speed you can shout tactics and get the gladius which will give you a 10 bonus in strength, intelligence will also unlock dialogue options which will avoid you the win-lose situations of relationship, and if you have enough int you can throw sand into the Gaul’s eyes in the fight which will help


Speed and intelligence are my favorites too!


I had 15 in Intelligence Speed Accuracy and finished the game perfectly, earned almost every achievement and I was overall very satisfied with my play through :slight_smile:


Did you get whipped?


It might even make sense to have all characters be bi because- as far as I know- in ancient Greece and Rome it was considered strange (for men, but still) to only be attracted to one gender. Of course, that logic would only apply to people from Greece or Rome anyway, but I’d probably say anything to be able to romance these characters free of gender-restriction.


Yes but I had 15+ relationship with everyone and got the boost so It didn’t really bothered me


How in the butts did you do that


@Avery_Moore My stats if you need them:


Where’s the little brother?


@mistylavenda wth,How did you made Rhode love you so much???


@Ritter don’t impress Titus when he buys you instead kick rhode , if you have 10 strength you’ll gain 10 approval from her.
When she gives the speech about death if you have 5 int you’ll unlock a dialogue option which will give you 5 approval with her
Let Gerda beat up Brasus which will give you 5 approval with her
And if you have enough int you can save both Zeru and Gerda which will give you 10 approval with her
Oh and when Titus shows up to inspect you if you manage to impress him you get 5 approval with her


@guardsman000071 Thanks Buddy!!! I appreciate your help!


Instead of letting Gerda beat up Brasus, I encouraged Brasus to fight back, which also got her approval.


Is that an option I must have missed it.


Here my child (Speed, intelligence, Accuracy Play through) wip


Keep myself together
You won’t take my bro
Everything will be alright
Men cry sometimes (if you pick the first one you lose 5 with Lalu but gain 5 with Alex, don’t choose it because this helps us better)
Give him the bread
Encourage Brasus
Call out Rhode (needs intelligence)
It was an accident
Get whipped
Do not kill Brasus


Tell Alexius to stop crying ( see Alex’s section although I will go neutral)
Give her the bread (if you want but I gave it to Alex)
Call out Rhode (needs intelligence)
Thinking about Alex
Run with her (needs speed)
Get whipped
Discuss strategy (intelligence needed)
Shout out strategy (intelligence needed)
Promise to kill her


encourage him
It was an accident


Encourage Brasus
Ask to play
Give her one gift for the stat boost


Ask for water
Give him the rest of the gifts
Discussed strategy (intelligence needed)
Go Help him


Bandage Alex (Intelligence needed)
Tell her the truth
Accept the charm
Do not kill Brasus


Impress him with your intelligence when you meet him
Impress him again (speed)
Tell him you belong with the gladiators


Help Brasus
Call her out
Impress Her and Titus (speed)
Get whipped
Win the fight flawlessly

So if you follow these choices you should get these relationships and every relationships achievement except Septimus


Alexius: 60
Lula: 35
Titus: 20
Rhode: 30
Zeru: 25
Gerda: 25
Brasus (Deceased): 15
Caecilia: 30
Septimus: -5


Very true, but I think that did really only apply to men, and the relationships were generally older men basically grooming teenage boys… That said, historical accuracy isn’t exactly my primary focus in this game. :yum:


Actually quite easy to do, if you give the gifts to the right people. (Most people want to give a gift to Alexius, since he’s your brother, and a gift to Lula, since you’ve been friends the longest. But getting a relationship of 15+ with Alexius and Lula is relatively easy to do without gifts. So… Let’s say you have 15 approval or more with Alexius, Lula and Zeru, 10 with Brasus and 5 with Gerda… You give one gift to Brasus and two gifts to Gerda, and suddenly you have at least 15 approval with all the characters. Presents from everyone!) :grin:


Huh… That’s weird. Alexius still isn’t showing up. I though I fixed that. :confused: