The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Complete)



Wrong. :yum:
My Asshole!MC cares for her brother, sure, but she has to look out for number one. :woman_shrugging:

By the way, I just have to say that Brasus’ death was masterfully done. At first it seems he just died and there’s nothing you can do about it, then you realize he’s still alive and think you can save him, only to have him die no matter what you do. It’s quite the emotional rollercoaster. :cry: I’d usually be upset about him dying no matter what we do but he would have gotten himself killed sooner or later with his attitude.
But hey, at least Asshole!MC is now the only Intelligence specialized team member, thus making herself even more valuable. :smiling_imp:


If I’m focusing on strength accuracy and smarts. ( I know I should focus on two stats but I’m ambitious) should I grab the gladius instead of the Sica after tossing the pilium? Or am I just screwed if I haven’t buffed speed?


You can’t get the gladius without high enough speed.


After tossing the pilium you need 15 Speed for the gladius and 5 for the sica.


So 0 or -5 is probably bad…


Probably, yes. :yum:


Me. Me. Me. No one else matters.


This is awesome. Can’t wait for the next instalment!


Really, all I want in the next game is to be able to show up at Titus’s dinner table dating Caecillia. I played a character very opposed to him, so I need the smug sense of satisfaction.

Like… I like Caecillia and could never bring myself to harm her, but the smug feel of royally pissing off Titus really important to me.

Also you know, character development and furthering the plot and stuff is something I look forward to as well.


Thank you! Actually, in the original version, you do get the option to save Brasus, and it’s just a random child on the other team that you get the choice whether to try to help or put out of their misery. But, while writing the update, I realized pretty much what you just said. Brasus’s character would just end up dying anyway, so there isn’t really much point keeping him around. Plus, I think having the try to save/mercy kill choice involve somebody the MC knows makes it all the more difficult and leaves a bigger impact. :grin:


i will love you forever if you make all of the ROs bi :blush:


If you have high strength (like, over 20) you really don’t need the gladius at all, so I’d go for the sica instead. (If you want to give someone the pium though, then you’ll still need 5 speed to get the sica.)


You should say something like “I will be your servant for the rest of your existence and use a fancy butler suit” it would be more appealing than love :laughing:


good idea! i shall be the author’s servant for as long as i shall live if they make the ROs bi! :grin:


Thanks for taking one for the team man! ily! :cry:


What’s the average stat check? I focus so much on int acc and str that when I get whipped I’m practically crippled -5 or 0


Just played through it and LOVED it! By far the best game in Open Beta I have tried! I really loved the tone of the story and the characters (really hope I can romance Lula or Caecilia in the upcoming books). I only wish it was a bit longer.


… Can I call you Jeeves? :grin:


Not sure what you mean by “average stat check”, but all the stat checks in the game range from 5 to 15, so I guess 10 would be the average. :blush:


Awh, thank you! Am really glad you liked it. Yeah, I guess it is a bit on the short side, but then there is a lot more to come. :grin: