The Price of Emeralds WIP (Update: 5/30/22)

LMAOO when criminals are better than a cheater (and way more hotter)


I’m starting to wonder if I’m the only one who plans on following R’s romance :rofl:


As much as I hate them, I’d be lying to say that I wouldn’t go for it lol. I’m curious to see how it would work out, plus I love angst and drama lmao.


They cheat on you again and MC ends up just like the beginning of the story.


Oh, no quite possibly worse, this time around at least the mc is a dirt poor nobody and there is nothing they could possibly take from mc in a messy divorce…maybe that won’t be the case the next time.

Persevere my friend, persevere. :persevere:
I am far too intrigued by a possibly cute (super) model boy to pay the others much heed…based on the single line of info we have about that Kao kid. :sweat_smile:

While I often do make playthroughs for multiple ro’s I often have one ro and mc background combination, where applicable, that I personally consider canon. For example, Altair with Nephilim mc in Keeper, etc.


I typically do at least one playthrough for each RO, so you’re not the only one who will follow R’s romance, it just might be my first playthrough. (I honestly haven’t decided who I’m going for first yet.)


I see! - exceptions aside, I only romance one character, so yeah, it’ll probably be R only for me!


Well, like I mentionned earlier, I’m crossing fingers for a scenario where R will realize how much they had only now that they lost it, which would then make sense for trying to rekindle that - at least if following their romance.

Hmm I do agree with you on having a choice here. The current version didn’t bother me since I DO eat from stress and even more after unpleasant things, so it didn’t feel unnatural to me - well, too unnatural; I certainly wouldn’t go for something sweet in these cases! :rofl:


Awww noooooo! Ended too soon! T^T

I wanna play cymbals using Beth and R’s skull, btw ~

LOVELY demo, OP! I am definitely looking forward to more of this <3


loads shotgun Turn on your location Robin, I just wanna talk.

The demo was lovely OP! Looking forward to more!


Haha, an understandable response, glad you enjoyed it! Thank you, hope to share more soon.


That was a fun read. I can’t wait for the updates. Great job!

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Am I the only one that found A charming? I mean, yeah they were an a-hole for tricking and seducing MC but…They’re a criminal. What did you guys expect? Lmaoo they’re not a good person. It seems like A is capable of doing anything to achieve their goals and, honestly, I like their determination lol maybe there’s something wrong with my standards. Like yeah, they are a terrible person, they know it and they don’t care. I always love characters like that.

Regarding R, I hate them lol. I may condone stealing and fraud but I draw the line at cheaters! I’m not saying R is a bad character, but that I don’t like them and my MC will not forgive their betrayal.


I agree with you wholeheartedly. For both A and R.


Hey I wanted to say I am hooked by the story. Def am invested in seeing the continuation. The only part that stood out to me in a negative sense was the MC’s reaction to being cheated on. Personally, myself and pretty much everyone I know who has been cheated on, experiences rather intense emotion and does drastic things. The fact the we barely seem to express anger at our SO is a bit underwhelming, but the fact that we work with the other cheater at our job and we have zero confrontation? Most people in the same situation would immediately quit hands down. The only way it would be worse is if the SO themselves was our direct work partner or something.
And I dislike any fake choices as they say. When an option to punch our boss is selected but the characters narrates, “Well actually I wish I could do that but I didn’t.”
That is whole un-immersive. Imagine that old game the Stanley Parable if you could only do exactly as the narrator said.
Either way, don’t mean to sound too harsh. I am very intrigued by the story and for the most part the writing makes sense and leaves the reader begging for more.
Best of luck to you, hope this one makes it to print!


I mean, I agree about the part A is not a good person and that they are a criminal… but that is why I so strongly dislike them :rofl:
I don’t really like using the word “hate” since I feel as it can be insulting for the author, but this is not me criticizing the character in a meta way, just me hating the “person” that A is.

Because of the cast we have for this game, R is basically the only romance option I have. But that’s okay, I already love them so eh. I would have chosen them even if the others weren’t ALL criminals. I love themes of betrayal and patching up afterwards, so in any case this is a trope I love. I don’t really take it differently regardless of the type of betrayal.


I actually still think R is a criminal in the group fishing for informations and not actually cheating on you.
Maybe R would have gone all the way if MC didn’t arrive but eeeeeeh not sure with how much our MC emphasizes the importance of the day (it would be a way for R to get out of a relationship he is not so sure anymore).

Not harsh at all, it’s helpful to hear these things. My intention, without giving too much away, is to write a character that is a little beat down by life, who maybe isn’t expressing themselves as true to themselves as they want to at this point in their lives, but who has potential to grow as the story goes. Feedback like this is helpful because it let’s me evaluate whether I’m communicating my intention more clearly, so thanks!


Yeah, I did consider that one too. But it actually doesn’t change anything for me! :rofl:
It remains the betrayal trope, cause either:
A) R cheated on the MC and thus they betrayed them on a relationship level.
B) R is a criminal and that relationship was useful for their plans, thus they betrayed them on a basic trust level and about how honest their life is.
Either way, they messed up and the trope of realizing just how much that was important for them only when they lost it is present in both scenarios. So it’s right up my alley! :heart:


Great WIP so far, my only question is (if it’s not spoilers) will we be able to tell off/punch Irving and Ben :eyes:?