The Price of Emeralds WIP (Update: 5/30/22)

I just realized I was uploading the wrong files whoops! I think I got it now. Didn’t run with an error for me this time. Hope I got it.

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its working now. thanks :+1:

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Thank you! I was so confused lol

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Hey! Pronoun issues are still a problem! They appear like “She | he”

sniffle Cheated on almost immediately that’s harsh. The way my MC discovered it too, just…damn. Now onto the important question, can I get revenge on the ex gf and the one she cheated with? Because I couldn’t irl, but in this, well that would be rather cathartic.

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Hello! I got this error as well, when I loaded a file slot saved from before I changed the code to fix the pronoun. “She|he” is the place holder, I think what happens is that the new code does not recognize the gender choices that were selected in the older code so it shows the placeholder “she|he”.
If you start from the beginning it shouldn’t do that.


Lmao I’m not too sure yet, but that’s the beauty of a choice based game, revenge definitely can be on the table.


Bwhahahahahaha :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Ah sweet, sweet revenge :smiling_imp: i cant wait lol :smiling_imp:

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Mmm, I hope we can turn sociopathic and uh, make rob suffer.

Curious about D’s role in all of this, want to know more about her and her reasons for being so kind. But the rest, waiting to take sweet sweet revenge and just leave this whole mess behind.

Dislike R so much but the other ros pretty much topped that list, mainly A, what with his threats and kidnapping. But also starting to soften towards Demi cause she is just so sweet, hope that isnt faked. Viper is a bit complex, he is brutally honest but that is something my mc would take seriously instead of threats and condescending smiles. L, K and A, as of now I cant see them as ros. They have yet a long way to go for my mc to at least acknowledge them as one.

But the story is itself is interesting and am curious to see where it will take us.


Loved this! Got me hooked, and love how everything spirals out of your control so fast! :+1:

Also, the whole ‘The boss has a bigger scarier boss’ is really nice, adds more tension, and all of sudden your whole ‘They are scary, but the one behind them? Scarier! Ah crap, now we all in this together…fun fun fun’ lol

Here hoping we get to get some vengeance as well (Mostly Ben and your old boss, both of them really, awful assholes…deserve karma to be served Petty


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