The Porthecrawl Witness - a WIP (June 1 Bonus Content Poll Up)

I really enjoyed that one! Before reading it, I hadn’t considered having a story where the ROs and NPCs are determined by the reader’s preferences. I’m hoping that will translate here as well so that people can have a more tailored experience.

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Such a fantastic start you’ve got here. I am definitely enthralled. It’s such a unique premise and the prose just fits oh so wonderfully well.

As for the (platonic) characters, they seem very much alive and multifaceted. A must in relationship centric games.
Too often than not most works tend to have characters overbearingly one dimensional.
i.e Y is shy so she blushes and stutter at your every breath. :unamused:

There’s not enough information on the ROs for me yet and to that I reserve my judgement. Though, I’m confident they will be just as deep and lovingly crafted.

Looking forward to more.


Tis…for some reasons give me ‘Pillars of Eternity’ vibes…but in a good way! since I loved the 1st…so much .

Its Soo good…plz take mah money! take it! :sweat_smile:

Thank you! It’s important to me that you’re able to form an attachment with even the platonic characters (particularly the ones the reader as a character sort of has to ‘like’ by default). I’m actually anticipating the ROs to be a little less likeable initially - but hopefully no less interesting!

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I’ve actually never played Pillars of Eternity (I had it in my Steam cart not long ago and backed out) but I hear people like it…so I accept!

Fingers crossed everything goes well!

Thanks so much :grin:

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That coverart is beautiful and very subtly fitting. I don’t have much feedback to offer on the story itself yet, but I’m very interested in this now.


This is a great start, and I’m interested to see where it goes!

The first few pages felt very Lovecraftian to me, which I have to admit almost made me close out. (Lovecraft pastiche, especially uncritical Lovecraft pastiche, is…not super what I’m looking for in a romance game, or any game, really.) But as soon as we hit narration centered on the MC, I was hooked! Your writing is clear and lovely, and I think you’re doing a great job so far setting up the world, explaining the split/wards in a natural way, etc.

I’d like to throw in a vote for a bi/pan MC! Since there are only three ROs (?), individually selecting gender seems like a fine way to go (i.e. since you won’t spend ten pages in a row selecting pronouns), but I think the Wayhaven model (bi/pan MC --> set characters are female, set characters are male) would also be okay. My only preference would be that it’s not randomized each playthrough.

There’s not much to say about characterizations yet, but I’m very hopeful, and can’t wait to read more!

ETA: Might you want to add the nonbinary-inclusive tag to your post?


I feel like Pothecrawl and Weyhaven could be sister towns… now all I have to do is write the crossover…


Thank you!

The Lovecraftian/eldritch genre of horror is one of my favorites, so I’m sure the quirks of that brand of prose leaks into mine. It’s definitely not for everybody and shouldn’t crop up too often here - just in specifically Asher Dye’s POV.

As for the Bi/Pan option, I’ve been working on that some today. There should now (or very soon) be a choice available that allows the reader to initially select men/women/mixed group for the ROs. This new choice will result in the trio of ROs including one male, two females, and then potentially a second male option if certain paths are followed.

So, put more concisely, the choices will apply the following:

  1. all three ROs male + choice dependent male RO
  2. all three ROs female + choice dependent male RO
  3. 2 ROs female, 1 male + choice dependent male RO
  4. Platonic or Asexual Options for the above

The genders definitely won’t be randomized. If selected, choice 3 will always result in the characters Sasha and Talbot being female and the character of Staci being male.

None of the ROs are locked toward any specific orientation - they’ll always be playersexual and the player is likewise open to pursue any of them. Though certain play styles may find the characters don’t necessarily respond well to certain choices. Above all, I want them to read as individuals, regardless of the assigned gender.

My goal with the romances is to have them feel organic so that even if you want to play the same romance twice, but decide you want to make different choices, you get a different experience with that character. Thankfully, that’s a little farther along in the code so I’ll be able to figure some things out by then.

Also, I updated the tag! Thanks for pointing that out! I hope you enjoy what is to come :grinning:


Unit Bravo meets some spooky not-quite-ghosts and the resident plucky reporter? I’m down for it!


Uh…can you translate that for meh ? cose me no habla…what you just wrote :sweat_smile:

Ahhhhhhhhhh nvm…brain malfunction…I lube you :rofl:

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Sure thing! I’ll go ahead and clarify here for anyone else curious about it.

Since I’m not keeping the romances secret, the RO characters are as follows:

*we’ll consider these three the baseline ‘trio’ - their genders can change (to some extent) according to player choice.

Provided a MC befriends or intrigues Asher Dye (from the prologue in the demo), he may also be romanced as well. Asher will always be male. Given his character’s history, I felt that he was really the one where the character’s gender couldn’t be A or B. So that’s the reasoning there. Asher may also potentially think you’re the worst ever and would honestly rather just kill the MC.


Asher Dye: I’m just trying to do right by my peoples! how dare you get in my way!
MC: you know-…
Fans: ASHERRRRRR! Screeeeeeeeesh :heart_eyes:
Asher Dye: WHAT ? (the noise is too much)
Fans: Screech intensify
Ashey Dye: eye twitch you are so dead!
MC: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sorry…not sorry…had to get that out of mah brain :rofl:

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Oooh so there’ll be more of Asher’s pov? Any other pov characters? (Totally understand if that’s spoilers and you don’t want to answer :slight_smile: )

Awesome! I feel like the way a character reacts to your choices speaks way more to their interiority than them having a set sexuality (though I’m also happy in “everyone you want to date is bi/pan”-type worlds), so I’m glad to hear this :slight_smile:


Haha! Yes! I’d be lying if I said Asher didn’t evolve into a romance because of my (totally not impartial) interest. :blush:

We shall see if that bad boy mystique holds up against the others but let’s be real…who doesn’t want to hug it out with the villain?


Can I kill Asher though?

well…I don’t . and as a lesbiana…I still don’t lol never catched that whole ‘Ohh a vilain…kiss me you vilainy’’ lol .

@No_This_Is_Patrick too soooon…:sweat_smile:

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Oh, I’m the total opposite! Bring forth the brooding murderous tendencies and the constant scowling :rofl:

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Hopefully, you’ll be able to do a lot of things if you so choose!

Initially, I planned this as a three part series but…I have come to realize I can give people the most choice and variance with a complete story. Who knows though???

After talking to the Aunt my game just freezes on the next chapter screen is this the end of the demo?