The Porthecrawl Witness - a WIP (June 1 Bonus Content Poll Up)

I’m late to the wagon I guess (Sorry if that’s not the way it’s said, I studied in an English medium school, but my mother tongue isn’t English.) I just found 2 typos/errors.


There’s a pronoun error here. I set the gender to be female, but it was displayed as male.

The punctuation is missing in one of the option’s ending.

But on the overall, I really, really loved the way we were seamlessly immersed into the world of Little Porthecrawl. It felt almost like I was in there from the beginning.


Asher is my favorite. That is all.


Thanks for pointing out those mistakes! I had completely missed those, even in the version I’m working from. I’m so glad you enjoyed the demo! Immersion has been a big concern for me, so I’m glad it’s coming across well!

Same…lol. Asher gets the special treatment and I have to stop myself sometimes haha


Hello again, everyone!

If you’d like a peek at the official cover art the story, pop over the development page at tumblr (I can’t seem to upload it here)

But! More importantly, check out and consider commissioning Adrien, aka defenestratin if you need cover art or even just a private commission. The process was AMAZING and I can’t express how happy I am or how amazing they are.

Find Adrien: here!

The Porthecrawl Witness Cover Art : Tumblr

Thank you, thank you to them for accepting this! It feels like it’s all coming together :heart:


Fantastic! I love it! :tada: :tada: :tada:


Hi! I haven’t read through this thread, so I’m sorry if these errors have already been addressed, but I decided to add them in here anyway! I love the game btw.

  • You make a face, one he seems to notice, because he rolls him eyes playfully before you can say what you both know is coming. → his (ugh i forgot im sorry)
  • “These three could charm their way out f Alcatraz. None of us stand a chance.” → of (part 2 of ch 5)
  • too wonderful not spend more time with - is → not to (stats screen)
  • Sigh. "That’s good of him, at least → ch5 pt2 choice no end
  • as you’re certain a least a few residents must → at least (quinns path in ch 5)
  • You suspect that here’s every chance it’s due to embarrassment. there’s (quinn again)
  • you’re can’t swear it’s not the mayor → you can’t (quinn)
  • went out to your wood’s this → woods (quinn)
  • if you’re nerves would sit still like they should → your (ch6)
  • You’re only real concern had been Talbot, though even he had been suspiciously restrained. → your (ch6)
  • r spot in front of the witness. → Witness (ch6pt2)

that was so good cant wait for more

Awesome demo! I love your writing style. I like how in depth you get with certain visual ques people give off, that are sometimes difficult to translate into words but you seemed to have figured it out. Excited to read more!

I don’t know if you’ve been stealth-editing, or if I’ve just forgotten some of the more recent changes! I played through again today during my lunch break and I still love it x3000.


Hello, everyone!

I’m tweaking the stats again. I was never very happy with them. Below, you’ll see a list of PERSONALITY stats as currently listed in my copy of the game.

  • Empathy/Cynicism
  • Sincere/Sarcastic
  • Contemplative/Intrepid
  • Warm/Aloof
  • Suspicious/Trusting

Please note, some traits previously present in the Demo and in blog updates have been removed and have instead been implemented as HIDDEN variables.

How do you all feel about the addition of an Irritable/Congenial stat to this screen? Is your character a “cinnamon roll” or a jerk? Does it give you a soaring sense of vindication to see it reflected on the stats page? Do you not care?

Add Irritable/Congenial variable to Personality Screen.
  • Yes
  • No

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But wait! Maybe you like the idea, but not as listed. Please let me know if prefer one of these:

  • Irritable/Congenial
  • Quarrelsome/Agreeable
  • Contentious/Pleasant

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Excellent. Thank you.

I’ve run into a wall with the Personality stats. Personally, I’ve never paid much attention to them in these games, so I don’t know if I’m over-estimating how much people care to see their character’s personality displayed like this. On occasion, there will be references made by other characters to certain traits, but Personality, in general, has very little to do with any pass/fail checks.

If you have any recommendations at all, please, don’t hesitate to let me know! Whether there are too few or too many personality stats, whether there’s something else you’d like to see, etc.

I would like to do any tweaking before I move on to testing.

A few notes:

  • As mentioned above, there are quite a few HIDDEN variables that I haven’t mentioned. Some of those range from stats like Bravery/Caution, to a variable for Resistance and Resolve, jealousy, etc.
  • SKILLS and OPINIONS are still there and separate from PERSONALITY stats. No worries.
  • These changes may not be reflected in the Demo.

Thanks, guys! I’m very open to any suggestions you have!


I mostly just look at romance stats…but when I do obsess over personality stats, it is only because I have failed at something and want to figure out why.

***I do love the little sentences you use at the end of each of your RO’s on that stat page. Adorable :heart:

For my personal taste I don’t really care for personality checks during the general game. A few flavour text sentences here and there perhaps, but it is not a deal breaker if there aren’t.

Now, the part where I do care a lot about personality checks is when MC is dealing with some major event in the game. On moments of intensity it would really throw me off if all my MCs reacted the same.

For example, if an NPC betrayed MC at some point I would expect a trusting MC to react a lot worse than a suspicious one, because a suspicious one, want it or not was always ready for something bad to happen, while a trusting one would probably be pretty hurt over the betrayal.

During regular moments I don’t care a lot because to be honest, usually, the player already gets choices on how you want to react to it, so adding personality checks feels a bit redundant. Like, if the author wants to add them I’m not going to complain, lol, but if they don’t want to add that extra is absolutely fine with me.

In summary, as long as the game doesn’t make MC feel OOC compared to their stats I feel pretty neutral about the personality flavour lines.


I’m not really a fan of irritable/congenial because I’d rather my MC not be read as one or the other. If you can easily keep it neutral and not have it impact anything then it’s fine.

Hm. I have no idea how I missed this WIP for so long, but I love it. The plot is really, really unique (not gonna lie, it took me a second to fully grasp wtf was going on when it came to Little vs. Old lol). The writing/format reminds me of Wayhaven Chronicles a little (which is a good thing, imo), particularly the switching viewpoints (which I like).

Talbot had me at hand tattoos, so I’ve been enjoying seeing how he interacts with MC, and Asher is a late-comer, but intriguing, so he’d probably be my second pick, but I think all the ROs are appealing in their own way, which is great for replayability.

As far as the personality stat question goes… I’ll have to think about it more.