The Porthecrawl Witness - a WIP (June 1 Bonus Content Poll Up)

Hi there! LOVE the update!!! I did notice that this paragraph repeats at the bottom of this page, though. Hope that helps!

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I think I’ve found the issue and it should be fixed soon. Thanks for finding that one!

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Thank you all for the support! It has been just…well, it feels like an understatement calling it uplifting to have so many people return (hey, long time followers!) and new people chiming in!

We’re at the point now where I’m far enough along in the development that I’m beginning to sniff around for potential cover art commissions, which is incredibly exciting! I know the “draw” of the initial art can be make or break for some readers. It’s a little daunting.

This is a small update, but I wanted to let everyone know that we’ve reached that point now. Thank you all so very much! And as always, if anyone has feedback, I always appreciate it!

Much love :heart:


Do you know what it gonna look like?

Here are a few ideas :stuck_out_tongue: (even if you already have it in mind, just humour meh )



I just completed the demo and… oh my I have never been so excited for the full release of a story than I am right now. The world building, the plot, the phenomenal writing, the CHARACTERS (Talbot I am looking at you, m’love) Just WOW. I Cannot wait, this is undoubtedly going to be one to remember.