The Porthecrawl Witness - a WIP (June 1 Bonus Content Poll Up)

Oh good! Weird little towns are always some of my favorite settings, so it seemed natural for a story like this.

I’m excited to expand on the moral component as the story progresses. Also, the fact that you feel as though you can play multiple times in different ways is one of the biggest compliments I can have. Thanks so much!


One of the things I love about your WIP is that things aren’t so black and white (the usual there’s a bad guy and you go out to catch the baddy and romance attractive people along the way). There are many layers and you don’t know who actually the bad guy in the story (is there even bad guy(s) here?), people seem to navigate on their own agenda and values. They might do wrong things for all the right reason, vice versa. That makes this WIP stands out for me.


:sob: I’m about to start the waterworks here in a second…

Thank you for saying so! Also, you’re very right. I don’t even know if there’s a bad guy - Asher was definitely conceptualized as the ‘antagonist’ but that’s meant to be, hmm, variable? (I’m so glad that’s coming across, phew). Even then, it was more of a ‘here’s a guy who has had very different experiences from the MC’ and he’s a foil of sorts, so judge as ye will…

You phrased it much better! I’m glad the spirit of things is really translating!


I agree on the moral ambiguity! Like the original ritual does not seem that good, and has doomed the past to a slow, terrible, fate but like if you reverse it you may doom you, your family, and everyone you know. They might cease to exist! So like I sympathize with Asher but I don’t know if I can doom the people of my time, especially because like 90% of the town benefits from this without knowing.

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Not sure if anyone pointed this out…

Got this when choosing ‘uh-uh, not my schtick’ in chapter 1:

Hi everyone!

Once again, I hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a little while since the last update, but I have managed to correct the bugs and issues pointed out from some of you (at least in my copy of the project…I think I also corrected them in the demo, but I’ll double check). As always, I very much appreciate the feedback!

I had a nightmarish moment while writing the current chapter where I DELETED about 4,000 words of work. So that was loads of fun. But I have since caught up and sworn to be more careful in the future.

I finally managed to catch up with the bonus content, is is posted on the development tumblr. Here’s a snippet:

" – you know, the last time I had drink at a bar, it was New York and I," she staggers slightly, “I was younger and had a much, much higher tolerance.”

She’s in a melodramatic spiral, perhaps, but clearly fine. Mostly fine. She’ll probably be less fine come morning.

Suddenly, a long arm flings out, draping around your shoulders and hitching you into her side. She’s surprisingly strong, or maybe you just weren’t expecting it, but the ambush has led you into an awkward side-hug, from which she seems reluctant to release you. The damp, sweet scent of the bar nearly overpowers the plain soap and expensive perfume that clings faintly to Quinn.

Quinn leans forward, nearly toppling off the stool. You catch her before she slides too far.

“You are a good, good friend – acquaintance?” She makes a face the thought, thin features pinching. “Associ – associate? Companion!”

You snort, patting her shoulder. “Friend is fine, Quinn.”


That was hilarious! It was a lot of fun to read and made me like Quinn even more! It is fun to just read these characters interaction tbh.


I’m glad you liked it! Quinn deserved a break from the crippling awkwardness. I’m really enjoying writing the bonus content a) because it’s fun and b) because it helps me keep the sillies out of the Serious Plot. Which has been a totally unexpected advantage. And if a few people swoon in the meantime? Even better.


A rare snapshot of Talbot mid-cataclysmic spiral after the MC has said something - perfectly reasonable - unbelievably dumb


This is so elegantly written! I’m very interested in how it’ll go

Hello author friend! Haven’t seen anything from you in a little while; hope things are well. I recently reread this, because it’s one of my favorite WIPs. I like all the ROs, but so far Quinn is my favorite. I’m interested to meet Asher though and form opinions on that front.


Totally. I’ve been waiting for an update on the project from the author.

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to provide a brief update for you all. As of now, I’m 2/3 of the way through the main writing portion of the story. There are 4 chapters left to write (give or take - that number is based on my current outline and could evolve. Chapter 7 was monumental, rolling in at 105,091 words! Thankfully, chapter 8 went much more smoothly.

Here are some highlights:

  • I’ve decided to include an option at the start of the finished game to enable/disable secondary POV scenes. Essentially, you’ll have the option to “turn off” scenes like Asher and RO POVs. I’m hoping this will either allow you to boost the immersion and preserve a little more mystery on an initial readthrough. Enabling them on subsequent reads should reveal that insight a little more meaningfully!
  • I’m still struggling with the Save plug-in. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’ve had some programmer friends take a look and they’re fairly certain we can get it working. Eventually.
  • I know I mentioned this on the development blog on Tumblr, but in case I’ve missed it here: I’m confirming not only 4 individual RO routes, but also two love triangle routes for those interested (those will be Staci/Quinn or Asher/Talbot). Please note that you will see the bulk of those particular routes play out in Book Two. (I’ve decided to wait until the bulk of the writing is over to see if adding poly options is going to be humanly possible. Stay tuned, but I’m not making any promises there).
  • I’m about to put my foot in mouth here and I know I’m going to have to eat it later, but I’m hoping - hoping - to finish the first draft by the end of fall.

Thanks for sticking around everyone! I’ll leave this update by saying that I spent some time re-writing and editing the first five chapters and I’m already much happier with it than with what is posted on the demo link! Added some choices, fine-tuned some things, cleaned up the prose…things are looking good!

Thanks for sticking around everyone! Best to you all!
Oh, and the Bonus Content should be resuming eventually :heart:


“Backpacking? You don’t really seem the type.”

isn’t that how them ABS were born ? lol :sweat_smile:

Btw…Good luck on the writing! :rose:

Edit: weird…got this error just now…

demorunwithquinn line 449: Non-existent variable ‘sarcastic’

was during Quinn date-walk and was going for this reply : kidnapping and talking frogs’’ .

also found tis : Conversational departures have never been your strong suit and upon thinking of the words you’ve just said, your expression droops and you shake you shake your head. Quinn, however, is grinning in an understanding way that eases some of the sting.(repeated)

found: “Staci…she tried to pay me before you g-got here. For the papers, I mean. She said he didn’t want to keep taking advantage.”(should be She)

found: If Talbot has heard her, she doesn’t show it. The moments pass, long enough for Quinn to give up and kick off her shoes and place them by the door. Staci frowns at her as she passes - it singes like midday sun against the back of her neck.

“What do think of alexa?” (You is missing)

found another error: startup line 665: Non-existent variable ‘warmth5’

Location: at the beginning, after choosing the gender of the romance . Talk with Faye, and I picked the reply : Uhuh…not my schtick, really’’ .

found another error: democafewithstaci line 310: increasing indent not allowed, expected 32 was 33

Also noticed something weird, in the relationship panel in the stat ?
was testing and during your date-walk in the wood with Talbot . Up to her, using some mojo and stuff…the relationship at the end of said walk said something like ''Talbot would kill anyone who threathen you, even Asher ‘’ . But later…after catching everyone in the newspaper snooping…it seem to go back to friendly stuff saying this : Current Outlook:
Somehow, you are still interesting. Talbot hopes it’s not a personality thing, because that would mean you’re a friend - oh God, what if you’re a best friend?

also while we are in the stats…

by the end, Quinn Outlook say this : Current Outlook:
Talbot hasn’t met you yet.
and Staci Outlook is nonexistant lol

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Wowza, thanks for pointing all those out! I’ll go back in and have a look. They might not get tidied up in the demo right off, but I’ll be sure to update any I’ve missed in the copy I’m working on.

I have nightmares thinking about the gender variables I’ve missed or coded wrong because those are so hard to catch :neutral_face:

Many, many, many thanks!!

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You are welcome!

Btw…I forgot to update my post, but those errors are from choosing the Variable and jumping to chapter 5 .

And while I know, since you won’t be updating the demo no more…I though it still useful to find the kink before you wrap and continue writing …once you start swimming in the code and stuff , it will get hairy lol :wink:

As for the why ? I think, its the ‘book choice’ variable…that either miss if you choose something else afterward like ‘‘talked to Annabell’’ …anyway…worth checking .

Anyway, Good luck again! :blush: if I find more, I’ll be sure to post them .

Did somebody say…bonus content??? How about Halloween bonus content? Here’s one inspired by a few asks over on the development blog.
Poll closes Thursday, Oct 24

Choose your fighter:

  • Staci
  • Quinn
  • Asher
  • Talbot

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Choose your scenario:

  • Slasher/serial killer film
  • Classic monster movie
  • Zombie apocalypse

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Do you make that art ? Can I have a f!Staci pweaaaaaaaaaaaase? You promised me ABS! :kissing_heart:

Also…Staci + Monster = Classic ! Lumberjack Shirt + Axe…come on! with MC screaming somewhere in Tha wood! :grin:

I did! It’s become sort of like therapy/stress relief. I’m no good at drawing people :sweat: Spent more time staring at reference photos than I did drawing that one…I don’t have a natural knack for it, so it’s just for fun. I’m definitely going to do a version for the lady ROs, maaaaybe give a glimpse of f!staci’s muscles…