The Porthecrawl Witness - a WIP (Chap 4 of Demo added - 3/19)



Seems like the start of an interesting story. I enjoyed the demo and would definitely know what happen next. Your writing is wonderful, it flows effortlessly and I can imagine the setting quite well.

By the way there’s a bit of bug here:


Thanks so much! Apologies for being late with a response - I’ve just checked back in to update the demo. Thanks for taking the time to read! I’ve made a few tweaks and added a couple of choices that I hope will allow you to feel even more connected with some of the characters in town.


:scream: LumberJANES??? I had no idea! I love it. I’m going to have to go back and tweak that variable, even if it’s just for fun and kicks. I’ve just updated with a new chapter and we get to see a little more of Staci (and those muscles)!


Thanks so much! I got that bug updated and it seems to be functioning properly now. I just added a new chapter, so there’s liable to be a few more (maybe, probably); hopefully I caught most of them.

This did remind me to go back and have a closer look over the ‘Quinn’ variables. Some things got messy when I altered the character name, so I appreciate you pointing this out.


Hello all!

This is just an update to let everyone know that Chapter Four of the demo has been added as of March 19.

Changes include:

  • additional information added to Stats page (stat increases/decreases remain unimplemented)
  • a few bug fixes
  • added several choices to elaborate on the wards
  • you can now use a select chapter function at the start of the demo, however, skipping chapter one will result in the use of default variables and ‘invisible nouns’ in some places
  • you may also spot one or two places where a variable has yet to be implemented, as these will depend on character relationships to the MC

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for your continued feedback. I’m a little…uh…transient at the moment, so I may not always be able to get back to you right away, but your input is beyond helpful to me and I always see it. I’m deeply grateful to everyone who takes the time to read and/or share their feedback.

Thanks for your continued support!


Can I choose to not go and help Staci or Talbot and stay in my office? Also not give Quinn my number.


Not this time around. For narrative’s sake you’ll have to make one of the included choices.

However, you will be able to avoid certain interactions in the future, or will be provided with alternatives. So, for instance, maybe you really don’t like the ROs/Friends or would rather pursue your investigation through some of the other characters you’ve met (such as the mayor or your aunt), in some cases you’ll have that opportunity.


Is Quinn gonna give Staci and Talbot my number?


Yes, though it’s not a spoiler for me to say that them having your number won’t have a huge impact; in fact, it’s pretty minimal - they won’t be blowing up the character’s phone.

When it comes time for the player character to call or text someone, then you’ll be given a choice as to who you contact, or to just not contact anyone at all.


Ok, and also is there gonna be a save function added?


why did you have to say that ? I’m weak! its a FATALITY! now I demand ABS! :rofl:


Good point bring that up! So…a save function is something I desperately want to incorporate and I spent an entire day screaming at my computer trying to do it.

I know a lot of people want it (understandably! been there myself). From what I can tell, I can’t add the necessary code while working in ChoiceScript IDE because of the way the program handles files. If all goes well, the save function will hopefully be added after, once I’ve completed it and moved the story out of the IDE. Somehow. Hopefully.

I am, however, experimenting with a work around that does work with the program I’m using.

For now, the option to jump to certain chapters using the default variables is all I’ve got. I’m having to rely on that for bug-testing.


Abs? Did somebody say ABS?? You want 'em? Staci’s got 'em!

For now, there’s a little more under-the-flannel flexing taking place in this chapter. Just a little preview. A smidge. A tantalizing glimpse of bulging biceps and sun-kissed forearms. Staci knows what she’s/he’s got to offer… :wink:


yes , ABS! My Kingdom for ABS! and so continue mah Quest for them! lol

So quinn is the doctor right ? its funny how one character change its name…and I’m having trouble connecting the dot . Now I’m confusing Staci for the doctor…


Haha! I still get the names twisted myself. But yes, Quinn is the doctor. Staci is the…writer? ghost hunter? resident folklorist?

I am hellbent - hellbent, I say - on getting some artwork commissioned for this thing. Put some faces with those names and help people distinguish them! That’s item 37 on the to-do list.



your aunt , plz…tell me she gonna have a role in the story .

I’m still butthurt over that winchester movie ! and I’m imagining your aunt looking like that! :grin:


Oh yes, dear Aunt Eleanor will continue to appear!

The scary movie with Helen Mirren?? That’s is a good look for Eleanor!


tis movie :

I never though she looked scary…more like…elegant , taken from another Time line . Sad , strong and wise at the same time .

about that story with the women whose husband shared the secret and she dissapeared . I’m putting mah bet down! That vilainy Vilain guy did it!


Good luck with the progress! Here you go I found another one in the new chapter:


I had the same problem with the first choice as well.

Besides that glitch though, really enjoying the new update! The new conversations in chapter 2 are interesting and I feel help flesh things out. Also Chapter 4 is quite nice both getting to know the ROs better along with (at least when going to meet with the Doctor) seeing a dead body, which furthers the plot! All around good update and the story remains as intriguing as ever!