The Pit of Dreams (WIP) - Basically Done

28.08.2019 - finally starting to work on it again it should be actually completed in a couple or few weeks
I’ve been working on this game for a while, it’s called “The Pit of Dreams” where you play as a librarian who has a dangerous thirst for knowledge, or had.
Currently it’s about 99% done, and I plan on finishing it in a couple of months.

To play it, click The Pit of Dreams
It’s a horror game heavily influenced by the cosmic horror genre and I plan it to be fairly short as it is in its current state(about 10k+ read per play). This is my first choice game ever so there are probably mistakes along the way, feel free to point them out.
Please feel free to send your feedback under this thread. I would really appreciate any kind of it, even a “I liked it” or “Not good” is fine for me.

Small about the game

Delve into the past that you chose to forget.
Will you be able stay sane while escaping this hideous pit full of horrors or give into it and become mad?
Can you trust anyone but yourself?
Can you trust even yourself?
Is everything slowly losing sense or is it you who is losing the ability to perceive reality?

I already have opinions about where I want to make changes but I’m still interested to see your ideas.

Update log

• Minor changes
• Added single hint query for riddles until I learn the way to make it better from the riddle masters in this forum.
• Added failsafe hint system to riddles super special omega thanks to : Jacic

Riddle answers down here in case i made any errors in the hint system.

Riddle answers (spoilers)


Known script failures

When talking to Henry, “Ask who he is” isn’t disabled after one choice, same with “Read the notebook”. | Fixed

Changes to come

1-Second and third riddle | Decided against after further feedback
2-More context on Henry | Decided against after further feedback
3-Ability to not read the notebook of Henry | Fixed
3-You aren’t randomly afraid of companion | Fixed
4-Resolve to wolf creatures at the ending | Fixed
5-One or two more endings | Decided it’s good enough
6-I forgot her/her him/HIS! i am very dumb | Fixed
7-Acting as if Loretta is known without them being known | Fixed
8-Possibly books that are not just flavor | Fixed
9-Look at other riddle games and learn how to implement a riddle | Fixed
10-Soon more story and some more knowledge to be added


Can you tell me the answer to the second riddle, I have run out of ideas.:pray:

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I honestly thought that it was “sleep” guess it’s not.

i put the answers in spoilers on main post have fun :slight_smile:

I’m really enjoying it so far! It has a great creepy feeling to it.

For the second riddle, you can see darkness. My best guess was “nothing”.

Are there any books that are useful to read? Do they all lower sanity?

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no, there isn’t anything that actually “helps” you in the books, its mostly for flavor and theme, they do indeed all lower sanity as in giving in to your curiousity to learn things in the pit doesn’t end well.

it seems that the second riddle is not that good, i will look into it, thank you

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While playing I chose to trust Phillip, however when we walk through the forest with no reason at all you write that I feel scared he might murder me? That seems inconsistent, unless you decide to add a reason or situation that makes me doubt him as we walk the forest.

Also, the first time Henry is mentioned, he is mentioned only by name. Pretty out of nowhere and with no background or hint of who he is to us. It makes it seem like someone took a chunk out of the story and left us missing some context.


thank you for the amazing feedback.
i will change that part and try to make it so it only appears on low sanity and you aren’t randomly scared of Philip when you trust him
i wasn’t sure if i should have given more time on who Henry was and chose to give bits and pieces instead, i will still look into it and try to make it more structured
my apologies for inconsistencies

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I’m so glad you put the answers for the riddles, I’m terrible with riddles. Although the first and the last one was pretty easy to guess, but the other two was hard. Honestly, I’m so sad and happy… for the characters in this demo. My MC dies (?) at the end.


I was able to choose the first choice again, after I chose it.

same problem with the second choice.

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thank you, im not very smart at this. about the question, none of the current three endings actually make it so you are dead, i’m not sure where i made it so it misleads into it, i will look into it, the ending part is not very good right now if i see it correctly, you couldve been talking about the “watch” option in which you are indeed considered dead by your former friends

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I just assumed it was the place driving me insane.

I personally think that part was fine just the way it is. The letter we get at the beginning shows that we somehow forgot someone and it’s related to this place. I was also confused about Henry at first, but then I pieced it together. The confusion is a good thing in this case!
Also no need to apologize!

I finished the game and have some notes:

Potential spoilers

The third riddle, I’m not sure that the line about bringing fear with light makes sense for a nightmare.

“What do you mean you are talking to Philip? Who is Philip? Have you gone mad Samuel?”

Philip takes a step back.

“He is gone mad. Maybe it’s better we let him believe in his reality.”
“I asked you a question Samuel. Who is Philip?”

I wasn’t sure who was speaking for the second line. The MC or Phillip? It would help if you added says Phillip or you suggest. Something to makes clear who is speaking.

After I pay the old woman with blood, we go past and I get this line from Phillip:
“I will keep an eye on Loretta. I don’t trust them. You shouldn’t either.”
I assume Loretta is the old woman, but I never asked her name so how does Phillip know it?

There were a few times when you say “him” when it should be “his”. For example “hold him hand”.

I’m not sure if this counts as a bug, but when you get to the part when you can choose whether to free Him or not, while the player is in the loop they are able to pick choices to get their sanity as high or low as they want.

All in all, I really enjoyed The Pit of Dreams! The horror and suspense was wonderfully written and I enjoyed the characters of Phillip and Henry. I seem to have even managed to get a happily ever after with Phillip! There are some questions left unanswered but I think that makes for a better story in this case. Very well done!

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Don’t apologize :slight_smile: sometimes we need new eyes to find out inconsistencies.

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thank you so much for pointing these out. making me realize how lazy i was while doing these parts, i’m working on fixing them right now.

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Hey @onurhant sorry don’t have time to read your game at the moment but saw you said it was almost finished but have had to put the riddle answers on the forum for some people to to get through the game. Can I suggest that you really, really need to address that before you submit for publishing. If people get stuck and frustrated it will tank your reviews big time in the stores. It’s a good idea to have a hint system, with a failsafe where a player can get the answer if they just can’t guess the right answer so they can continue to play. If you want examples of how you could potentially to do this, I had a riddle system in Oedipus, and I know Avery_moore had one in Dryad.

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thank you so much for this suggestion, great to learn something from a much more experienced person. definitely will look into this.

No probs. There’s a few ways of doing it from simple to complex.
The way I had it was I gave people 3 chances and if they were having trouble they could ask for a hint 3 times. If they still couldn’t find the right answer they could ask for the answer instead of more hints if they wanted to continue the game. (If failing a riddle gets you to a different storyline it’s not as big a deal (although it’d still be nice to have a way to find the answer, but I’d recommend against having an infinite riddle loop until you guess correctly or a game over state from a wrong answer.)

Another option is a token system where people can buy a hint/answer.

A third option would be the easiest which is to have a “cheat” file in your stats page where you let people know that if they can’t find the answers they can get them there.
ie: Which riddle would you like the answer to?
#What has it got in its pockets?
A ring.
*goto mainpage

Or you could have it as a choice but that’s often not ideal for riddles.
Like: What as it got in its pockets?
*goto tryagain
#A ring
*goto correct
*goto tryagain

Anyway, if you get stuck with it I can try to get you some code from Oedipus to look at. It’s not the most streamlined coding as I was learning and fixing bugs as I was writing it, but might help.

what would the script look like for different hints in a looping label? all i can think of is bunch of temps and grayed out hint options that reveal after every hint query but that would look really bad. i think i definitely want to give one more letter for each time player asks for a hint so by the end it transforms into a failsafe but i am very new to this as i’m sure you can tell.

It’s do-able. You’d need something like
*temp letter 0

*label riddleone
Guess the animal I’m thinking of.

You think for a moment and then say, I think it is a…

*input_text answer1
*set answer1 “${answer1}”

*if (answer1 = “cat”)<= NB you also need to account for variations of this like Cat and CAT or it’ll be marked as wrong by the program. There’s a few ways to do this, let me know if not sure.
*goto correct

*if (answer1 != “cat”)

You got it wrong. Would you like a letter as a hint?
*goto riddleone (Takes you back to the riddle question without hints)
*goto riddlehint

*label riddlehint
*if (letter = 0)
The first letter is “c”
*set letter +1
*goto riddleone

*if (letter = 1)
The first two letters are “ca”
*set letter +1
*goto riddleone

*if (letter = 2)
The answer is a “cat”
*goto riddleone

(Or something like that anyway :slight_smile: Sorry can’t get the formatting working properly on the forum so all the tabs would need to be put in to get the code working properly.)

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okay this is art in choicescript, will implement as soon as i can. thank you for all of this.


This was fun and the riddles are a nice touch! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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