The People's House (WIP) (UPDATED: 2/19/24) - Presidential Sim

Remember that Ronald Reagan started his career as Governor of California, hah.


California state politics have changed in the last 50 years…

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California Politics changed a lot just in the past 20 years, let alone 50, i mean it wasn’t that long ago when Prop 8 was passed, narrowly yes, but that would never fly in today’s California, Republican candidates can still hope to get more than 40% back then


Yes i’m very excited as well

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Sorry for the lack of a formal Writer’s Diary this week, everyone! I’ve been incredibly busy with midterms in college and haven’t had time to do too much. So, here’s an abridged version of a writer’s diary for this week:

I’ve spent a good chunk of today writing to make up for lost time – this week is my spring break so I’m also hoping to make some good progress in my free time throughout the week when I’m not working. Already I’ve made a good chunk of progress in Chapter 5 and am almost done with the story through the New Hampshire Primary.

Essentially, New Hampshire will be the last opportunity to turn things around and will be the last primary with an “election night” type dialogue. After New Hampshire, it’ll be more broad narration leading up to the Party National Convention where you and your opponent formally become your respective nominees for President (if you win :wink:). You will also have the opportunity to keep your VP or dump them for a new running mate.

I will hopefully have the New Hampshire primary all written up by the end of the week, and hope to deliver that update to my Patrons by around that time as well. Once again I apologize for this informal writer’s diary, but wanted to get a quick update out to you all anyway!

EDIT: A quick addition: I’m also hoping to do a fair bit of editing and bug-squashing before releasing that Patreon update, so please let me know if you come across anything.


Question, How badly Can the MC Lose (or Win) the Election , can the MC Lose as Badly as Mondale in '84, or Can the MC pull off a Regean And sweep the Election?


It is currently planned to have several varying outcomes, including a landslide on either end.


Writer’s Diary #42
March 24th, 2024

Hello everyone, I hope March has been treating everyone well! Been busy with school as usual but still making great progress into Chapter 5!

The Updates

  • The entire primary sequence (if you receive a primary challenge) is completed for your party! There are a few different outcomes for this implemented as well, ranging from resounding loss to defeat, with outcomes in the middle of course
  • I’m also just about to start writing the National Convention process to transition from the primary campaign to the general election! All that’s left is to quickly finish up scenes for the opposition party’s primary which shouldn’t take too long
  • Aside from that I have started working through my lengthy list of bug fixes and minor changes – there shouldn’t be any game-breaking coding errors, but I do have a lot of typos or pronoun issues that should be fixed up for the next update

Which, speaking of, I am still hoping to release an update for Patrons by the end of this month! I hope to be able to send out an update including all scenes prior to the National Convention where you will pick your running mate! Lastly, I wanted to answer this quick question from @Vswf_Nbgdef since I think it’s relevant!

Right now I have planned twenty different election night outcomes based on a number of factors, ten outcomes for Democratic characters and ten for Republican characters. As mentioned by @Snowflower, these outcomes range from a Reagan-esque landslide to a Mondale-ian defeat. Unfortunately, with wanting to implement twenty variations of the election night scene, I’ve decided against including the ability to run as an independent (at least for now).

I know there was a good chunk of public interest in running as an independent, but I think it’d unfortunately be far too much to implement right now. Adding in an independent route would require me to add in likely another 20 variations (10 for former Republicans and 10 for former Democrats), and would have a lot of down-the-road consequences for interacting with Congress and getting legislation passed. I may still go back and add this (either later down the line or as some sort of DLC), but it will likely not be a feature in the near future.

Updated Word Count: 345,000
Patreon Link : RFKramer is creating The People’s House | Patreon


Is there no other way to pull in money for the midterms other than having to increase your corruption and work more with your big corporate donor.

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I’ve written a guide to the midterms here. Note that in future updates it may be subject to change.


Watching our spouse walk away after that talk with Jackson and not being able to do anything about it…man that’s torture, why did you do this to us lol I wasn’t expecting to get so deep in the romance in this story. Please let us attend to our family more if possible :sob:


Sorry about the emotional torture but incredibly happy to hear you’re invested in the story and the First Family! They’ll definitely be taking a more prominent role in this chapter as the campaign moves from the primary into the general as well.


2 Questions, how much can The MC do in regards to the Economy , can the MC Regulate ( Or Deregulate) the economy, and how much Will the economy have a Effect on Election Night?


I’m also curious about the military and how that will effect.


I’m mostly ignoring the economy before election night primarily because the President has very little real impact on the economy, and typically a president’s policies only impact the economy indirectly, often taking years to actually make any changes at all. Even then, it’s hard to draw any super concrete lines between policies and economic growth or decline.

There will be some economic events in this chapter during the general election campaign to respond to – things like labor strikes or other public protests – but these will be more to further define your policies rather than to create immediate, concrete change.

Chapter 6 (the one after election night, assuming you win), will have you making a lot more economic decisions as you work with the budget, but a lot of those impacts also won’t be mentioned likely until much later chapters or in the epilogue for reasons mentioned above.

The military will also take a much bigger role in the chapters following your re-election. There are a few different things planned regarding the budget, as well as several planned events that will involve potential military action.


I’m hoping for some more romance here, maybe with member of our cabinet?

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By the way, there’s a bug in the prologue. In some paths, you’re setting “OppPartyNoun”, while in others you’re setting “PartyAbbreviation” and “OppPartyAbbreviation”, but in nowhere you’re setting all of them!


Is there a latest update?

To protect authors from getting overwhelmed by update requests, it’s against the rules of this forum to ask about updates.


Ows, I forgot It Is In the rules