The People's House (WIP) (UPDATED: 2/19/24) - Presidential Sim

Yeah, losing the House is unavoidable (whether by 20 seats or 2, you still lose it). Losing the Senate, on the other hand, is avoidable (there are two outcomes that have you not lose it).

@CynicalMiester the Governor that resists the evacuation and refuses to order it even with a Category 4 storm coming his way is Morrison of New Jersey. The one that dithers is the Delaware governor. The Maryland governor orders an evacuation even without prompting.

That and it’s much harder than you think to oust a governor. The President certainly can’t order one replaced. Not how it works.


I agree with Snowflower. If our VP is in charge of Teddy and they mess it up, it should be directed towards them, not POTUS. If Teddy is as bad as it was and thousands got injured/several deaths, I imagine the VP could possibly be impeached for such a grievous error. And is it not the governor’s fault, especially Delaware or something, that caused that many deaths/injuries? Why not have the governors responsible for issuing the evacuation so late be ousted to replace them with governors that are of POTUS’ party? Ik these can be a pain to code but it’s just some brainstorming lol

EDIT: Just thought of a pressing military concern, all the mold in the barracks of the enlisted :skull:

EDIT: Ah alright, just thought it was pretty backwards to have POTUS take the fall for the governors inability to heed the warnings of FEMA, NASA, and NWS. It ain’t the president’s fault for trusting the states ability to handle it


I can’t wait for the reelection campaign


Hi some bugs
I think a lot of places the word of democrats is missing there’s only s when mentioning the opposition.

One of them is here but they were a lot.

Also In the voting for impeachment I’m mosly loved by people and my party backed me fiercely and I didn’t got any deal with russia and they didn’t found any evidence and I shouldn’t get impeachment pass even in the House but

Here you see different results and even wrong president name. Charles Hammond is definitely not my mc name

My stats if it’s needed.
Last Edit: I think now I understand why there was a pass on my impeachment that was a committee vote. But still I was clean so I think even they shouldn’t pass it and there’s still the problem of name there


Road to 100k views


Absolutely loving this, generally don’t play WIPS but this has been great. Been hankering for political IF’S.


Hi all, not an official update but I just wanted to take the time to respond to a lot of great comments that were left on this thread! It’s been midterm week(s) for me, so I haven’t been able to make much progress last week, but hoping to do some make-up this coming weekend. In case I accidentally skim over something, I just wanted to give a blanket thank you to you all for your messages, comments, and advice. Also a huge thanks for those of you who participated in the polls, your feedback is greatly valued and is hugely important to how I approach the story.

I mainly wanted to create this thread to give you a special thanks for your whole message, it was a great morale boost to see you decided to come back and how much you enjoyed the moral dilemmas and decisions in the story so far. I will also say I think you’ll like the chapter following your re-election as well! There will be a huge opportunity here for you to secure a lot of the progressive policies you may have wanted to be available in the first swath of legislation. It isn’t fully mapped out, but assuming you have Congressional support, you’ll be able to do a whole lot of wealth re-distribution and all sorts of stuff. For my Conservative readers, don’t worry, there’ll also be plenty of goodies for you as well.

I don’t know if I mentioned this but I did fix this for the demo which is now released – thank you for pointing this detail out!

This is one Easter Egg I put in the story, different acronym in the story than used in TNO but certainly inspired by it!

This is actually a great idea – surprised I overlooked it myself. I’ve added this to my notes to come back to when I do some editing of earlier chapters!

Definitely a valid point, I’ll be sure to add some name variants and try to do the same with children of the same sex.

Hoffman does have a page on the stats screen that gives a bit more background, but his character will definitely get more of a focus in this current chapter as he’s a key candidate against you for your re-election. I could also include a bit more of his story early on when you first speak to him upon arriving at the White House, though.

I was aware that the Washington Times is quite problematic and did consider switching it since a few people have mentioned it. The Washington Herald is the fictional news network from the Netflix series House of Cards, but I suppose using the same name could be another Easter egg.

This is meant to be a largely empty threat – something that the WH doesn’t intend to actually use, but is meant to just play off of Berkowitz’s naivete. Since I have gotten a few comments about it maybe being too out there as a threat, I might adjust this scene a bit. My original idea was to just threaten to fund a primary challenge, but I thought going after his faith would be a bit more personal and dirty – I do like Snowflower’s mention of a past issue with alcohol to keep that same level of personal attack while being a bit more feasible of an attack. In any event, I’ve also put this in my notes as something to revisit.

Walters (the staffer) is automatically set to be the same gender as your spouse, but I am planning on having the other romance options be gender-selectable.

This is actually referencing a real part of the US Code, 18 U.S. Code 794, which carries with it a wide range of punishments that aren’t specified. The statute itself actually permits the death penalty for violation of the provision, but the story only references the penalties in the statute which says “a number of years to life” if I recall correctly.

This is also something that’s in my notes to revisit, I do think this change makes sense, though.

This is by design another situation where the President is screwed no matter what. As with real life, the President often is blamed and gets credit for things that are entirely out of their hands. If I remember correctly with this instance, people are either upset at the President for forcing people to leave their homes (even though they would be in danger for staying), or people are upset at the lives lost due to the President’s inaction.

This is very interesting. I wonder if including an “s” immediately after the variable is causing this – I’m not sure.

This is just a quite funny mistake on my part – I had previously written some elements of this story out on another document and forgot to switch out the placeholder name with the variable. This’ll be fixed soon – appreciate you bringing it to my attention!

Happy to hear you’ve been enjoying it so far!


Wtf so do always lose the congress ans senate regardless of what we do? Because if so thats super lame.

You always lose the House (though there’s a big difference between a twenty-seat loss and a two-seat one). The Senate can be held (either as 50-50 tie (VP as tiebreaker) or 53-47 up from 52-48).


I recommend Suzerain and their new DLC Kingdom Of Rizia


Possible bug:

“On this vote, the yeas are 47 and the nays are 53. The resolution is adopted.”

Vice President Hill gavels the vote to a close and swears in the newly re-selected Senator Noyer as President pro tempore before he begins presiding over the session.


Since 1994, there’s been a grand total of two times where the presidents party keeps onto the house during the midterms. In context, being down by just two seats is a massive accomplishment


Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s a bug (yeas and nays are to be reversed).


Yeah I played suzerain many times both on pc and phone and I’m really hyped for dlc release next month
Edit: I’m sure it could be a good inspiration for author @RFKramer and enjoyable for all political stories fans like me.


I don’t know and I never tested as democrat to see if this problem is same when mentioning republicans or not but you should check it because it was in a lot of places throughout the story and I was annoyed by it.
Also a suggestion:
There wasn’t any plus points when the prosecutor didn’t found anything or when we won the impeachment vote. So what I’m suggesting is to increase the approval rate when we are winning there. I think it’s a good point to get fans.


It actually does give approval when the impeachment vote fails to pass the House. It also gives (less, but a net positive nonetheless) approval when the OppParty members defy their party line to vote against impeachment even if the resolution passes (which it will if you have exactly 2 impeachment points).

It’s not quite approval that gets you the midterm wins.

How to get your party the best possible result. Spoilers for Chapter 4 and a slight look "under the hood"

The midterms result is determined by a “midterms” variable that is an integer. The worst result is obtained at midterms <= 1 and the best result is obtained at midterms >= 5.

  • First, veto the OPIOID Act for either +1 or +2 midterms, depending on your prior relationship with Bill Cassidy. If you have a low relationship and refuse to veto, you will instead get -2 midterms, and at a high relationship midterms has no changes if you refuse to veto the OPIOID Act.
  • Attend the Denver fundraiser with your spouse instead of the trip to Santorini with your family. If you go to Santorini, you will have to pick Senator Roger Moore as your surrogate if you want any changes to midterms (+1)
  • Then, pick your surrogate. You can pick your VP, Secretary Erin Kline, or Senator Roger Moore. If you’re going the Fundraiser route, Moore gives +2 and the VP/Kline give +1 to midterms (Moore also gives 50M PAC money while the others give 25M). Pick Moore if you want to save your PAC money, pick whomever you wish if PAC money isn’t the object.
  • Next, agree to help award Cassidy Construction the grant at the fundraiser for either +1 or +2 to midterms depending on your OPIOID Act decision. You will also get $5 or 10 million worth of PAC money from him. If you refuse after vetoing the OPIOID Act, he does nothing to you (but your relationship with him is lowered), but if you refuse again after signing it, he…really doesn’t like that.
  • Finally, you will get a choice to spend PAC money to support the races of various members of your party. The amount you can spend is also influenced by how much money is currently in your PAC. You can spend $10, $25, or $50 million on your party for +1, +2, +3 to midterms, assuming you have that money to burn.

There will be other factors that alter the midterms variable, but they are not currently part of the game.

If you pick Moore, veto the OPIOID Act, and help Bill get his grant at the fundraiser, you will get exactly 5 midterm points and not have to spend any PAC money to get the best possible midterm result. Happy playing!


How do you do that. I always lose even if i have good approval. Do you like need to go the fundraiser or something??


My play was exactly that but it didn’t changed my approval are you sure?


Played it last year, already preordered Rizia


In California lol no

Completely unbelievable