The People's House (WIP) (UPDATED: 2/19/24) - Presidential Sim

Is anyone getting a bad slot error on the demo

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For the people who will stay loyal to their Spouse (in at least one playthrough), what best describes your reasoning?
  • I am worried that cheating will have adverse consequences in-game.
  • I like (or even love) the Spouse, and I don’t want to hurt them or my family with them.
  • I don’t like Walters, and am holding out for another affair option to be fully added to the game.
  • Cheating is something I find so abhorrent that I will not play as a cheater, even for achievements.
  • Other (please respond)
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when I play, I wanna be ALL IN, you know? I value honesty and commitment, so cheating feels like a betrayal, I won’t lie though, I was heavily tempted :slightly_frowning_face:


So the public version will be updated to ch4 when ch5 is released to patreon. Am I correct?


:confetti_ball: President’s Day Update :confetti_ball:

Surprise! In honor of the fitting President’s Day holiday, I’m happy to release updates to both the public and private demos. For players of the public demo, your demo will now include the entirety of the story through Chapter 4, Murphy’s Law (an additional 85,000 words!).

For Patrons, your demo will now include everything I’ve written, bringing Chapter 5 to just under 40,000 words. There should also be some smaller bug fixes and adjustments throughout. Patrons, please see the pinned post on Patreon for the updated demo link!

As a note for those playing through the public demo: unfortunately I don’t think there’s any way for me to include the epilogue without breaking the code. Because of this, you will unfortuantely not be able to view the epilogue for the endings in Chapter 4. Still, this is a pretty rare ending so I’m not too worried. As another note: you will get an error at the end of Chapter 4 since I have to use the *finish command rather than the *ending command so the scenes will route correctly for the Patreon edition. I apologize for any confusion this has caused, but it’s much easier for me to keep track of things this way!

Lastly, as with all my other updates, I’ll be close to my computer in case any issues pop up, and will be happy to fix or look into them as quickly as I’m able!


No Way its a Fucking TNO Reference!

( for those who dont understand, The Safe Act is a Act that can only be Passed if The National Socialist Candidate wins the presidential Election and Uh it basically Cracks Down Freedom of Press and Screws Over the 1st Ammendment… BTW did you get inspired by TNO to include it? Or was there something else?)


I’d like it if you give a climate change speech to the UN you could reference the fact that the US had just suffered an unprecedented natural disaster themselves with the cyclone in the previous chapter.


Hello and thanks for updating.
I just didn’t understand this part, what do you mean by ending and epilogue in chp4?


In Chapter 4, it is possible to reach two endings of the game (and of your presidency) because your Ahmadigate impeachment trial ended up going to the Senate, and 2/3 majority voted to convict, or you resigned before they could convict you. The endings are “Convicted” and “Resigned” respectively. It is very difficult and you have to actively try to get said endings because it’s hard to be so unpopular that the flimsy Ahmadigate allegations are perceived as anything other than a witch hunt even by a fully OppParty controlled Congress, and you have to actively choose to commit more serious crimes that the Special Prosecutor discovers, but it’s possible for the game to end in Chapter 4.

Who is your favorite Spouse?
  • Clark (married for love)
  • Walfort (married for wealth)
  • Richter (married for political connections)
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Things I’d recommend changing of taking a second look at:

-I like the selection of first names, but the selection of last names are very, very Anglo. I know you can fill in your own names, but a Goldstein or a Chen or even just a Schwartz would go a long way towards inclusivity

-Likewise, I’d recommend giving the children different names when they’re the same sex

-Generally, throughout the story, there are quite a few words and terms that are capitalized where they don’t need to be, such as “Executive Branch” or “President”

-It would be nice to know a little more about president Hoffman, and what they did in office

-In real life, the Washington Times is a highly problematic, extremely conservative publication. Maybe a paper name like the Washington Herald?

-The bit about Berkowitz being Catholic really doesn’t track with how voters actually make decisions. I love the idea of pressuring him like that, but I’d recommend changing the method (maybe how he voted against some bill popular with Arizonans)

-It also seems like a no-brainer to make it so that your romance options beyond your current spouse are gender-selectable

-When you take your trip, especially because you’re limited to your three countries, it would be helpful to provide a quick outline of what the current state of world affairs looks like

-Staying abroad for the hurricane seems to really screw you without any seeming benefit; it would be beneficial to balance out that choice a little more

-In Britain, the King having as much power as he does seems a bit odd; I’d recommend making the issue of Scottish independence one where democratic Parliament is repressing Scotland (as IRL) and having the King and meeting him simply be symbolic

-Likewise, the French leg of the trip having a bit more decision-making to it would also be appreciated, such as negotiating the treaty

-I really like the way the Ahmadi scandal is handled, but Lilah facing the prospect of 15 years to life under that scenario feels extraordinarily harsh

I’ll probably have some more feedback about the other international trips and the Santorini/Denver trips, but I wanted to get this feedback out now


It avoids an Approval drop (especially for the forced evacuation) and allows you to form SEATO.

Or maybe something else that’s rather personal and not necessarily an indication of his actual ability or even his politics. Such as past alcohol use disorder or something (because the point of that choice is to threaten to damage his reputation using information about him that has nothing to do with his governing ability or even his politics).

I’ll go code diving to be sure I’m correct. But SEATO is tied to staying in Seoul.


That changes my view if that’s true, then. I based my feedback of off a specific playthough, but I could’ve sworn that staying abroad led to a drop.


Yeah, SEATO formation is tied to staying in Seoul and sending the VP back to DC.

However, if PC is the one to order the forced evacuation, then they get a -%5 approval rating. If VP does it they also get a -%5 approval rating (so no difference, really). I think that @RFKramer should reduce approval penalties for the hurricane evacuation decision if the VP is the one to make it instead of PC (since the VP is the face of the decision that arouses the ire).

@Ferry There isn’t an approval stat change after you visit the affected areas (Maryland). It’s when you (or the VP) order the evacuation (or not) that causes the approval drop. All the rest of the approval stat changes in Chapter 3 are tied to your foreign policy decisions.


Actually I tested this before if you order evacuation because after that we go to the impacted regions the drop is lower and we always get to reach the last stop abroad. If you choose West Europe the plus is it’s low level and no talks are needed so we can get back for the emergency and then go to London. Then you will have a good approval but it will blow in Ahmadigate and worse if we don’t burden it all on the accused girl.

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Does anyone know how to win midterms i lost pretty badly but its probaly because ive been strong arming progreessivs legislation

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You need to spend a lot of your PAC money, attend the fundraiser (and choose senator Moore? I forget his name), accept some bribe from the CEO ( veto a popular legislation and granting a contract to his construction company), and if I’m not wrong have 60 ISH percent popularity.


Damn so no way to win without being corrupt :cry:


Welcome to politics


Losing the house is unavoidable, right? I just wanna make sure I’m not missing anything.