The People's House (WIP) (UPDATED: 2/19/24) - Presidential Sim

I found a bug or maybe the Republicans love me more than they should :grinning:


Maybe your president is just the second coming of Reagan :rofl: :rofl:


I can’t play because of the bug so I did exactly the same movement and the bug disappeared if it was the author who corrected it congratulations because that was extremely fast if it wasn’t him then I’m very confused

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Generally I don’t play games where the author tells me what I think, where I go, or what I do (but it’s only a personal preference :slight_smile:

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I’m very sorry to hear this has been your experience with the WIP. With the current story, I’ve tried very hard to ensure there is very little railroading and that choices made by the character matter.

Would you mind sharing more about which decisions or aspects of the story felt like railroading to you?

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Are you serious? You’re calling it “railroading” when the author tells you what you’re doing in the first sentence of the game? And the reason you have to reflect on the campaign rather than sitting back and enjoying the ride is that the campaign is an important part of the story. I don’t understand what you want here - do you want the author to just allow you to skip customizing your character?


Like I said, it’s a personal preference. I didn’t say it was bad :slight_smile: I’m just saying I don’t play games like this, because of that :slight_smile:

Would you give me an example of a ChoiceScript game that isn’t guilty of railroading, in your opinion?

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The train slows to a rumbling halt at New Belmir City station and settles with a wheezing, whining hiss. Train guards dismount and leap to the platform; station guards take turns whistling and yelling directions outside.

It’s been an hour’s travel from the military convalescence base so far, and there’s a long journey ahead of you. For now, your snug compartment is empty except for you. Mostly your fellow passengers are other military personnel and staff from the base, and they kept to themselves.

For your part: now that your condition’s improved from your injury, you’ve been reassigned to this new bodyguard role rather than returning to your usual assignment. It’s your first day back after a long winter of recovery.

This is Honor Bound, an example of the games I actually do play. The author doesn’t tell me how to think, or how to feel. Things happen, and you react to them. The way you react to them determines what happens next in the story.

So you don’t like the author’s style. Fine. But that’s not what railroading means.


Cambridge says the definition of railroading is

“to force something to happen or force someone to do something, especially quickly or unfairly.”

(RAILROADING | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary)

Being that he forced the MC to peer out of the window and reflect, that would seem to be railroading. I mean he definitely forced the MC to do things.

On this forum, “railroading” refers specifically to a game in which the player’s choices don’t matter. It’s not something you can do on page one.

Again, it’s fine if you don’t like the author’s style. But when you accuse someone of railroading around here, you’re basically saying their game is badly designed, not just that it isn’t your personal cup of tea.


Well okay then, I was using “railroading” in a more general sense, I will take note of that.

I was wondering if we will be able to push for and pass a bill similar to the “Atomic Energy Act of 1954” since pushing for climate change in this game whether it be a progressive, moderate, or conservative form doesn’t seem to include nuclear energy at all.


Do you have anything planned for NATO and the G7?

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Foreign affairs will take a much larger role in your character’s second term. I haven’t decided whether or not there’ll be a G7 as a focus but NATO certainly will be.


I am not getting involved in the actual argument, but I do want to point out that your example of something that isn’t railroading starts on a train. Hope that got a chuckle


Found a Bug, was going for Education Bill then the moderate Republican Bill talked about Unemployment, eh they must have missed the memo


Writer’s Diary #40
January 29th, 2024

Hello, and an official happy 2024 to you all! Unfortunately, I had quite a nasty flu for the entirety of last week, hence my lack of an official update as promised. Nonetheless, I’m happy to be able to deliver to you all my fortieth writer’s diary!

The Updates

  • As briefly mentioned, the ability to adopt a First Dog or First Cat has been implemented! I’m aware of one bug that exists for me to fix before this update is posted to Patreon, but it will be out soon
  • The bulk of what else I’ve written so far has been dedicated to the sequence of events post-affair. For players who go down this line of events, there is a lot of possible branching and very different reactions depending on your choice of spouse, and your relationship with them
  • What I’ll be working on now is the formal nominations of your party’s nominee (which will hopefully be your character), and the formalization of your opponent. There are still a lot of scenes I need to brainstorm, but I do have a rough outline for the chapter that I’m following

Unfortunately, given how busy my schedule is (I’m in my last semester of university before graduating and am averaging around three or four hours of schoolwork nightly), I highly doubt I’ll be able to keep up with my previous goals. To avoid overworking myself, I’ll just be writing whenever I have the time to and won’t be setting too strict daily writing goals as before. Still, I’ll be sure to post updates on time as I’m able!

Updated Word Count: 323,000
Patreon Link: RFKramer is creating The People’s House | Patreon


Really just a survey how many people chose the affair path the first option was too boring i didnt even consider it but the female prime minister of england is considered but definitely not on my main playthrough not worth the reputation damage

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