The People's House (WIP) (UPDATED: 2/19/24) - Presidential Sim

You’re absolutely right, it was a variable error on my end! Should be fixed next time I update.


Guys, or preferably the author, i have run into a problem, at the end of chapter one, where you give your speech to congress and it shows you the"NEXT CHAPTER" At the bottom, when i press it, it just loads and loads and loads indefinitely and the next chapter will not load, ive tried saving and loading that save and then atempt to proceed but the problem of it indefinitely loading is still there, ive tried going out the forum and back, and ive tried turning off my wifi with no progress.

Can someone help me


That’s the end of chapter two and the public demo, it’s not meant to go any further


Well, that is a shame, i was enjoying myself and was exited to make more choices


I just read the update the public demo received and I enjoyed it. I especially liked the scenes in which you are waiting with your staff watching the House and Senate vote on whatever Act you decided on. It was really a nail biter experience, so good job with that. Keep it up.


When will next public demo be out so I don’t have to eagerly wait frim the next day to the next to see if it’s out yet🤣

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I don’t think there will be any new updates anytime soon for the public version, since the patron version was just updated with chapter 3 not that long ago and its the holidays. But the author does do monthly status updates on the progress of the story to let everyone know, so just keep an eye on those monthly status updates to find out more about the story.

P.S. also for future reference please check the COG FAQ about asking about updates, usually the author doesn’t know when their story’s next update is.


Is it possible to pass the bill?

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It definitely is. Would you like to share your choices? Where is the stumbling block of your bill?

Would you also like a walkthrough?


So, In my last playthrough, I was a southern republican from a poor background with a wife that I married for her wealth. For my goal, I decided to pick fighting the war on terror and then picked the moderate version of the keep America safe act. Failed to pass the senate 36-7

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Did you get past Kern? Also how high is your charisma? Do you have your party on side? Do you have the VP on side?



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Could you please post a stats screenshot (are you allowed to add images yet)?

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If you choose the poor family background this is a bit contradictory “And it wasn’t just that either, you remember going into the big cities of Houston, Richmond, and Atlanta when you were younger on mini vacations with your “parents”.” But then “You grew up in a single-family household with just your mother. You never really knew much about your father, and frankly, you weren’t too interested either” so how about changing it to “Mini vacations with your family” does that makes sense?
Edit: this is some very small typo I found along the way

“West, a a fairly “purple,” or swing region of the United States.”= There’s two A’s in there

"Speaker Peterse and Majority Leader Birchland each exchange a look before Birchland speaks, “We’ll get it done, sir.”= Peterse instead of Peters

“As I’m sure you’re aware, the Democratic Party is eying”= Eying instead of Eyeing

“Mrs. Landingham calls in through the telephone, Mr. President, Senator Berkowitz is here for you”= Lack of Quotation Mark before Mr President

"There can be no greater investment made in America than into Americas youth, and this bill does just that. "= I don’t think there’s a typo here but Americas Youth just doesn’t feels right in my tongue I think Americans Youth would be better

Again to be clear English isn’t my first language so I might be completely wrong with most of this, it might not be a typo at all so take it with a grain of salt :grinning:


As soon as Jessica appeared, I knew she would be our Monica Lewinsky.


“My fellow Americans: I have not been entirely truthful with you. I did ga-googity that girl. I ga-shmoygadeed her ga-flavity with my googis, and I am sorry."


Charisma pretty good, republicans love me, democrats hate me, VP neutral


Lobbying is necessary if you want to pass any bill. While even the cheapest lobbying option costs you $150,000, it is better to choose MC born in an upper-class household as it gives you a total asset of $500,000.



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Not really…I passed the most sweeping healthcare reform the US has ever seen since The ACA and I did that with no Bribe and I instead choose the petition option for Kern The Washington Monument, I also threatened Berkowitz with Ads revealing his Catholicism I managed to pass the bill in a 50-50 situation with The VP as the deciding votes…I could spent 5M PAC money to get it to 52-48 but it doesn’t change much so I didn’t